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Jonathan Rhys Meyers -- Reported Suicide Attempt

6/30/2011 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bend It Like Beckham" star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hospitalized in London Tuesday night after reportedly attempting to commit suicide by overdosing on pills in his mansion.


According to U.K. paper The Sun, paramedics found 33-year-old Meyers "slumped on the floor" ... but he refused treatment for 30 minutes before cops arrived and convinced the actor to go to the hospital.

Officials confirm that officers were dispatched to Meyers' home -- but would NOT say if Meyers was trying to take his own life.

Meyers -- who has been in and out of rehab FIVE times -- was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: A source close to Meyers tells TMZ, the actor was NOT trying to kill himself, but had fallen off the wagon.


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All of you who encourage him to kill him self, and say you dont give a damn, are the reason to why people attempt suicide!!! You should be ashamed of yourself!! F´ing idiots!

1026 days ago


Can I just ask...Why would they quote him as " 'Bend it like Beckham' Star Jonathan Rhys Meyers"? He's been in other movies (August Rush, From Paris With Love, Mission Impossible III...) AND he was the star of "The Tudors" that it was an attempted suicide, though. He's definitely on my to-do list!

1026 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Jackass got it right, this sorryass just wants attention. Next time, please use a gun. Thanks.

1026 days ago


Love you Johnnie. Stay strong get the help you need JRM!!!

1026 days ago


I just read all kinds of horrible things about his ex of last 5 years. Reena Hammer makes Oksana look like an angel. I wouldn't be surprised if she was driving Jonathan to substance abuse. He obviously loved her and she is toxic.

1026 days ago


..bummer, also loved Tudors.

1026 days ago


JRM is my celebrity freebie as long as my husband gets Scarlett Johansen - seriously though I seriously doubt that he reads this column but PLEASE JRM get help - you are an incredible actor and from all accounts a rather nice and personable fellow. Like another poster said, a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Good luck!

1026 days ago


I wish that people would understand that this illness can & does affect millions of people all over the world. Sometimes it feels that the only way to get rid of severe emotional pain is to end one's life. I know this pain. I have lost my dearest friend this way, I wish someone had helped her. But I get it. Please JRM know that there are many who care about what happens to you. Life is filled with pain for those of us who have so much trouble getting thru another day. I hope you find the compassion,understanding & love u need. You are in my prayers.
Please don't give up, so many really care about you & believe you have special & unique talents no one else has. I care even tho I don't know you, but pain is pain, & this is so very hard. So, screw anyone who puts you down, for there are many that want you to stay with us.

1026 days ago


He is way to hot to be tryin to kill himself. What could possible be a reason, he has looks, money, etc... must be feeling guilty about something or maybe dealing with tragedy, or God know what, but really, stfu, quite whinning, you have the means to amend whatever problems you've got...

1026 days ago


With the human race being in the the year 2011.. cant anyone get it right already? Its been done before and people have tried and their failures posted everywhere.. you know what to do and what not to do.

He is probably acting out.. seeking attention.. that or expect a book, tv show or movie to pop-up somewhere..

Thats usally how these kinda people usally do it.. they do something special .. or this case stupid to get their names in the media then a week later poof.. a movie, tv special pops out of no where..

If he wanted his ticket punched he would have done it.

1026 days ago


really TMZ? "bend it like beckham star JRM..." what, is that the last time you guys actually pulled your heads out of your own arses and took a look around? i guess it is hard to keep up with actual talent when you've got SUCH celebrity standards, like following around lindsay lohan.

if he'd been caught urinating in public and drunk as hell and screaming anti-semitic things, it would have read "JRM, star of The Tudors..." weak. it's like you pick out the worst example you can and kick someone when they're down. sheesh. i hope JRM gets the help/attention he needs. i've been in love with him since i first saw Velvet Goldmine! :)

1026 days ago

Buc Wild    

Awesome journalism / research skills at TMZ! He has done some other work since the "Bend It..." movie. A little bitty Showtime series called The Tudors?? He was the lead character, someone called Henry the VIII?? Maybe your "journalists" have heard of him

1026 days ago

Ele Limo    

Oh no! I love him! Jonathan Meyers was GREAT in the Tudors. Keep updating TMZ.

1026 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Just because he's passed out drunk on the floor don't mean he's trying to kill himself. Clearly, he has a serious alcohol problem. Let's hope he's able to get it under control.

1026 days ago


This is so sad!! I adore him. He's an excellent actor, has one hell o*****reat voice and can play music like a master. Jon, please get healthy and use the blessings God gave you positively.

1026 days ago
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