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Arnold's Baby Mama Mum on Divorce

7/1/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "other woman" in the Maria Shriver/Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce looms large in the breakup of the marriage, but she has nothing to say about the breakup.

Mildred "Patty" Baena has "no comment," according to her lawyer.

It's interesting, because while she was carrying on with Arnold, she had plenty to say about the marriage, according to her friends, even telling one that she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria because she was always there for him.


We got the first pic of Patty and 13-year-old Joseph this week at the California Pizza Kitchen in the San Fernando Valley. 

Patty won't play a part in the divorce, since California is a no-fault state.


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Muppet about an hour ago

TMZ I'm pretty sure these "friends" that are feeding you information really aren't friends at all!!! I suspect they're feeding you this pack of lies for a few $$$. It's disgusting and needs to stop. There is another child involved here. Enough is enough!



Harvey & Company wouldn't have published this picture without the consent of Mildred "Patty" Baena because there is a law in place that prevents the children of celebrities from being photographed during family related activities. I don't believe for one moment that she wasn't aware of their picture being taken. Of course, she's being quiet, her ex-husband is trying to sue her "BABY DADDY" but I don't think he'll get very far with that one. GOD only knows what Mr. Baena has do***ented about his wife and her "favorite" employer over the years. WHEN YOU LAY DOWN WITH DOGS, YOU GET UP WITH FLEAS!!!

1212 days ago


That is one ugly dumb women. Arnold is a fool. BTW, I voted for the porn star when he became governor.

1212 days ago


Of course the Homewrecker is mum - she is worried that she may not be able to "cash in" on the big bucks because of her dalliances with Ahnold. It was a plot that failed!!

1212 days ago


That homewrecker looks like Octomom-in about 10 years!

1212 days ago


I'm sorry, but that man has NO class. He's a NOBODY without
Maria Shriver.
We, as women do not like to see one of our sisters treated the way he has treated her. The man is a CAD.

Is he related to Jonh Edwards ? Stupid damned politicians.

If a woman acted that way....she would be called a slut or a tramp...or worse....

1212 days ago


One cold (?) lonely night while Maria was off doing whatever Maria does, Arnold sat home all alone and drank. He pondered over the fact that millions of woman all over the world would love to be with him and service him, but not Maria. He had money, he had muscles, he was an actor(?), he had an accent and he was a Governor. What more could Maria want? So poor lonely Arnold drank some more until this vision of loveliness(?)(cough cough) appeared before him. The booze had distorted his vision so badly that the light from the doorway behind Patty made her look like she was glowing. Arnold thought that a godess had been sent to help him in his hour of need. Holding Arnolds head in her lap she stroked his head and whispered that everything will be OK because she would take care of everything. Arnold just laid back and passed out. When he came to Patty was on him pumping away. "What are you doing?" he asked. Patty looked him straight in the eye and said, "OH, don't mind me I'm working out, I'm pumping iron, you should be so proud of me". Arnold just smiled and passed out again.

1212 days ago


I wonder if this woman is entertaining any kind of thought of becoming Arnold's arm candy. (A little throwup just came to my throat when I typed the comment above.)

1212 days ago


He's living with her huh? The worst thing you can do to a man you still love is leave him alone. If you still love him and you do, you have to bite the bullet on this one. Accept the kid, reject her completely and put Arnold on his hind legs and the begging position for the rest of his life. Remember how your mother and grandmother handled it. Talk to Hillary, get some pointers and bring him home. If that's just too hard, proceed and it will always be like the dull pain of a tooth-ache. If your heart will let you fix this you will have 5 children, 4 you gave birth to and a bonus baby.

1212 days ago


I love temporary Californians comments.. She's a double bagger. One for her and one for you in case yours falls off. I know it's not popular Maria, but you should try to keep your family together, don't give this double bagger your man, unless you know without a doubt its time for a new chapter. Arnold and Pat thought Arnold had two wives, sometimes first generation foreigners think that way. If you want him, let him know he only said vows once and he only has one wife. You've given him everything he wants now its your turn. Get out the dog collar, he must come home...25 yars is a lot to throw down thee drain, and he has two sons with you who still need him. Sit all down in the cold harsh facts of your life and see if you can handle it.

1212 days ago


She looks more like his grandmother! Who was wearing the bag over their head when these two hooked up?

1212 days ago

A hater!    

Finally..she keeps her MOUTH shut!

1212 days ago


Maria deserves far better than Arnold.

1212 days ago


For the love of all that is good and holy: Please TMZ stop posting her picture. I am on strong Opiate based painkillers and I don't know if it is the hallucinogenic effect of my meds or if it is really her face but she FRIGHTENS me.

1212 days ago



1212 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

when you see maid and arnold together picture looks like "maid and husband who is the mechanic"

1212 days ago
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