Arnold's Baby Mama Mum on Divorce

7/1/2011 3:13 PM PDT

Arnold's Baby Mama Mum on Divorce

The "other woman" in the Maria Shriver/Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce looms large in the breakup of the marriage, but she has nothing to say about the breakup.

Mildred "Patty" Baena has "no comment," according to her lawyer.

It's interesting, because while she was carrying on with Arnold, she had plenty to say about the marriage, according to her friends, even telling one that she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria because she was always there for him.

We got the first pic of Patty and 13-year-old Joseph this week at the California Pizza Kitchen in the San Fernando Valley. 

Patty won't play a part in the divorce, since California is a no-fault state.