TMZ Live: Arnold's Mistress Speaks - Did She Lie Too?

6/14/2011 12:12 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Arnold's Mistress Speaks - Did She Lie Too?

Patty Baena claims a compassionate Maria Shriver cried with her when she copped to having Arnold's love child ... We have our doubts. Plus, Eli Roth talks to Harvey the mensch and Charles about Twitter bullies...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Big stuff today: Eli Roth drops by unexpectedly, Arnold's baby mama speaks out, & Candy Spelling selling her house to a HOT heiress.
(7:30) Arnold's baby mama spoke to Hello! Magazine and you won't believe what she said ... no seriously, you may not believe what she said.
(12:30) Surprise! Eli Roth shows up unexpectedly -- or four days late depending on how you look at it.
(14:45) Eli explains his Twitter exchange with Russell Crowe -- the one that got Crowe in trouble -- and rips the people who called Crowe anti-Semitic.
(19:50) For some reason, the conversation with Eli gets gassy.
(23:30) Candy Spelling's MASSIVE mansion is being sold to a RICH, HOT, YOUNG heiress. Anyone smell a reality show in the making?
(32:00) More ridiculous -- a $2 million ring ... or a $100 million house?
(36:30) The war rages on -- are pit bulls inherently dangerous? We play the 911 call made the day Jesse James' pit attacked another dog.
(45:30) A lively appearance by Harvey's new fish Rib-eye.
(46:30) Kim Kardashian's mom has Kris Humphries whipped -- but come on ... the guy HAD to know what he was getting into.