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Joe Rogan on 'Fear Factor' Return -- CHA-CHING!!!!

7/1/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Rogan says his decision to return to "Fear Factor" is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, BABY ... saying, "I had to get that LONG paper SON!"

Rogan -- who recently agreed to once again host the resurrected TV series for NBC -- was clearly joking ... and explained, "I definitely would have done it for free."

"Parts of it are fun ... parts of it are f**king boring ... but as far as regular jobs go, it f**king ROCKS."


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Fear Factor [South America]

Stunt #1 Kambo
Stunt #2 Ayahuasca session with a shaman
Stunt #3 3 days of Ayahuasca alone in the jungle

1177 days ago


Joe is the ******* man and anyone who says otherwise shoulda been killed off by natural selection already.

1177 days ago

jason wallis    

I'm so sick and tired of seeing this ass' face all over my TV. Who the hell says "long paper" anyway, f'ing dumazz

1177 days ago

Tobias loves Marcia    

marcia 4 hours ago
I wasted my money seeing this guys supposed comedy show....I kept waiting to laugh....he's so stuck on himself..and the MMA...he was talking about having sex with a 4 yr old kid....half the crowd, mostly women got up and walked out...HE IS SO NOT WORTH THE TIME OR SPACE!!!
Marcia I love you, please marry me, I am a good guy that just needs a good woman.

I have a BBW fetish and I love, love. love redneck women that feel so self important they use caps locks to get their point across.
I am not into intelligent women that would say things like his comedy wasn't for me but, whatever. I love women who stand up and yell their opinions (no matter how stupid they are).

So what say you? my darling can you please be my toothless bbw princess and I will forever stand by your ignorant, rotund side.

Seriously give me your digits I'll text you, we can just talk trash on John Rogaine all day while I feed you chicken wings.

1177 days ago

rafael valdez    

mr harrybawls,you pathetic idiot hater, you should go away and get a life. Why do you u have so much hate for someone is that is much betterthan you? Get out of your moms basement, you troll!

1177 days ago


I wasted my money seeing this guys supposed comedy show....I kept waiting to laugh....he's so stuck on himself..and the MMA...he was talking about having sex with a 4 yr old kid....half the crowd, mostly women got up and walked out...HE IS SO NOT WORTH THE TIME OR SPACE!!!

Man I read some statistics about how larger non attractive toothless redneck women felt disdain for certain comedians.
I never would have believed it

Then that thing about the thing where hillbillies use caps lock because of self importance while showing their own insecurities by not being able to have an intelligent post.

marcia I love you, marry me. I have a BBW fetish and love, love, love neurotic self important women that can't say intelligent things like I disliked his comedy it wasn't for me.

Seriously I love you, send me the digits baby I'll text you.

1177 days ago


"Why? you looking to hook up with him? I'm sure if Rogan was gay he could do better than YOU."


Your dad said he gave a great reacharound.
Or was that you?
I'd ask your mom, but she's got a mouthful right now.

1177 days ago

Alan Carver    

Why in the HELL would NBC be so stupid as to bring back this IDIOT! Look at him? What has he done SINCE the Fear Factor was originally canceled back in 2006. Joe Rogan has done nothing, but gotten older looking and FATTER! This show needs to remain in retirement. GOD NBC IS SO LAME! They have NO ideas for new, fresh or creative television shows and or programming! NBC ='s Nothing But Cowards ...

1177 days ago

Politico Pablo    

EVIDENTLY, MONEY IS A FACTOR FOR YOU! NBC better double the winners' $50K amount. It was just insane what people endured to win on that show.

1177 days ago


@jason wallis - Where do you see his face all over TV? Also, saying long paper was a joke hence the laughter after saying it. It also refers to a contract (since they are written on legal paper, which is LONG). I guess you haven't seen one of those before. I'm sorry that things in your life are so terrible that you have to hate on another human being for your shortcomings in life. Also, if you don't like it, then don'*****ch it. Lastly, were you forced to watch this video or did you choose? If you are tired of seeing him then why click on the video? What are you so mad at Jason? Did you not get hugged enough as a child? Keep your head up, little fella. It'll be ok

@MrHairybawls - I think you need a hug to my friend. Just because you failed at life doesn't mean you need to hate so much. Go for a walk dude. I wish things could have worked out for you better so that you so you didn't have to come to TMZ to hate on somebody you don't know because of your insecurities.

1177 days ago

D Trussell    

FINALLY!!!! Someone that can articulately represent the gay community and have fun doing it. I think he will do a supertastic job and maybe he can even start saying the "f" word again. He sure is delish!

1177 days ago


why the **** would you bother working if not for money?

how is this even an issue? you people are utterly retarded retards and you all need to eat a minimum of six grams of shrooms daily for the next week to sort your ******* stupid hang ups and egos out. suck my ****, everyone.

1177 days ago

Big Hoe    

People who comment of TMZ videos have got to be the most ****y people on the internet. Stay Black!

1177 days ago


nice to see nbc got smart and has Joe on board for he was one of the elements that made fear factor a hit in the first place. can not wait to see joe and fear factor back.

1177 days ago


Joe Rogan is f*cking awesome. Deal with it.

1177 days ago
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