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Larry Flynt's Daughter

Sued for Sexual Harrassment

7/1/2011 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of "Hustler" honcho Larry Flynt, who works as the VP of his company, is being sued for sexual harassment by a guy who claims she manhandled him.

Theresa Flynt is being sued by Steven Prescott, Hustler's West Coast District Manager, who claims in the lawsuit ... over a period of 2 years Theresa repeatedly harassed him through sexual text messages, unwanted touching, grinding, hugging, caressing and leering.

According to the suit, Theresa even acknowledged the alleged harassment with this comment:  "OMG ... I"m totally sexually harassing you right now."

The suit claims Prescott reported the alleged harassment to his superiors, to no avail.  He claims the entire Flynt family felt "above the law."

Prescott is also suing Flynt Management, HH Entertainment, LFP Publishing Group and Hustler Sunset for unspecified damages.

UPDATE: A rep for Hustler says, "The company and Theresa Flynt deny the claims being made by Steven Prescott and will vigorously defend against them; the claims are unfounded, without merit and the truth as to why he is no longer with the company will come out as the matter proceeds."


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1st go larry

1210 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Remember, folks: It's only sexual harassment if the 'harasser' is unattractive.

If this lady was gorgeous, there'd be no problem at all.

1210 days ago

Gloria Unread    

If it were really harassment (and he was legitimately bothered by it) why did he let it go on for two years?!? Man or woman, no one has the right to touch you without your permission.

Some people are just "touchy" though, and will pat you on the shoulder or hug you for seemingly no reason. It's one thing for a long-time friend to do it - but strangers who do this are disgusting. It's a tactic to ingratiate themselves with you.
I mainly see women doing it - and for the most part, they feel entited to do it because they're a woman (and therefore not considered threatening like a man who does the same.)

However, this guy says he was groped and harassed for two years?!? Why did he never tell her that he was uncomfortable with her behavior during that time? It just sounds like he wants money, and he probably *will* get it since she's the VP for Hustler (in other words, a 'sleazy pornographer'.)

1210 days ago

Evan Benz    

Obviously it is one of those guys who chastise's all the people who say mean stuff on message boards.
They got their own ******tuck so far up their own butt , there is absolutely no room for Theresa Flynt's finger.

1210 days ago


Hello, where does he work? How does he expect people to behave there lol

1210 days ago


@TreeMileZune about a minute ago

What a F4G.

Watch it buddy, TMZ and GLAAD are gonna demand apologies and your job!!:)

1210 days ago

karen darvin    

Treemilezone offensive, stupid remark what year is this and how old are you 12?

1210 days ago


Ugh - Theresa Flynt is one fat ugly skank. Kinda matches her career choice.

1210 days ago


He should be thankful someone is trying to touch him. GROSS. It's all about the $$$$$$$$$. He doesn't like woman u can tell by looking @ him.

1210 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I can't get over the fact that some female actually f****d larry flynt.

1210 days ago


TMZ piggybackin larry Hope he goes after timmy zees and sendsin his PI`s on yourt ratt pappies staffies

1210 days ago


Theresa sounds pathetic and it will be interesting to see where this goes!!

1210 days ago

pap rat    

Papratti banned Papratty Banned PapooseRattfink banned...Larry learns in a chair 247 365 since the rifle sniper took his freedoms away for his freespeech while TMZ Pap ratts block hack track and use PI`s to harrass the public 247 365 for muti-millionares battle com so on kettle callin the pot black TMz Pappy Rattys have no cedit and don`t allow free speech anywhere Larry suffers everyday for his while you piggyback your profits off his back and slam your own for a Pappy ratty dirt face livin

1210 days ago

pap rat    

Lives in a chair 247 365 spell unchecked by tMZ hackie lackys

1210 days ago

Khate sucks    


1210 days ago
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