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Nick Jonas

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Older Girlfriend

7/3/2011 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

18-year-old Nick Jonas landed himself one SMOKING HOT 26-year-old girlfriend -- singer Delta Goodrem. They're TOTALLY doing it, right? Right? Anyone?070111_TV_nick_still

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Not only is Delta Goodrem the biggest selling female pop artist in Australia, she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter way more accomplished, talented and successful than any of the Jonas brothers. She just filled in for Adele on DWTS a few weeks ago. Shame on TMZ for making her look like a lucky tart dating a celeb. It's the other way around with these two.

1156 days ago

Facebook Sucks    

Jonas brothers don't have *****

1156 days ago


Why is a 26 year old going out with an 18 year old? Because he's so "mature"? Does no one else see something wrong with this? She couldn't find somebody closer to her age? That is 8 yrs. difference.

1156 days ago

who cares    

Figures she is taller then he is... He is looking for a mother figure, what would a 26 year old woman want with a lil boy? There has to be a huge difference in maturity levels. He cant even legally get into a bar for another 3 years.

1156 days ago


Im sorry who? lol i think it's more like he landed himself an UNKNOWN singer. considering no one knows who the hell she is. lol

1156 days ago


They are probably setup by their agents. She wants to be famous in America too. Talent alone wont get you there. She just broke up with her fiance recently too.... Best of luck to her.

1156 days ago


I won't jump to conclusions as to why she's dating him. Maybe it is for exposure in the U.S. or maybe she actually likes him. The only thing that I question is how a 26 year old woman goes for a barely legal 18 year old kid. A 2 year difference, maybe. If the guy is in his 20s, maybe. But technically he's still in his teen years. That's kind of creepy.

1156 days ago


I suggest she is dating an American teenager for money and fame!!

1156 days ago


NO! They're both virgins! LOL!

1156 days ago

Vegas Gal    

This is Sugar Daddy on a whole new level. What the F*** do you do with an 18 year old boy after you teach him how to please you? Oh yeah, teach him what fork to use & not to leave his toys on the floor...

1156 days ago


Nick Jonas is a lucky man to have Delta, try using google and see how much she has accomplised.
@Allen Ridak
Aussies aren't perfect and nor do we claim to be...
before you start bad mouthing and generalisong about Australians, Take a look at 2 of the impressions Americans show the world..
What country as a higher crime rate?
What country has a higher obese population?
What country has a higher amount of murders?
Oh thats right, YOURS
Australians look after their own, Look at how Americans treat anyone in their country who is now 'amercian'
Australia is doing quite well economically too, hey I think our Aussie dollar is worth more than the USD isnt it?
Oh and the final note, You have shown that your country has the biggest d*ck head in the world residing in it..
(that would be you)

1156 days ago


If it was a 26yo man dating a 18yo woman no one would blink! That would be considered very close in age. Most hollywood men daye women half their age! PS 18 is legal in Aust

1156 days ago

truth hurts    

Nick comes off as a pretty grounded, cool guy so I believe he could date a 26 year old woman. He's my favorite Jonas and he's legal so not our business.

1156 days ago


Dearest Allen Ridak: I have every urge to swear at you, call you the racist, say that our beer is too bad to make you an alcoholic, but I have an idea of right and wrong, and I am Australian.

Due to this, I also know for a fact that Delta is huge down here, even though people can be quite cynical about this.

1156 days ago


O man... if this is true... she's pretty pathetic. using this innocent 18 year old boy.


1156 days ago
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