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'Repo Games' Shootout


7/3/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bullet ripped a MASSIVE hole through the side of the "Repo Games" van when a crazed gunman opened fire on the reality show crew back in April ... and now TMZ has footage of the frightening incident.

Terrified crew members can be seen running for their lives ... when 40-year-old Carlos Barron emerged from his Las Vegas home with a pistol on April 25 and began shooting ... all because he felt the production was too close to his house.

Barron can be heard threatening production members ...saying, "I'll blow your ass away man ... I will kill your ass."

As the cameras rolled, one crew member instructs a cameraman, "Tape motherf**ker ... this is real, real sh*t ... that's what Anderson Cooper does, b*tch."

Afterward, "Repo Games" star Josh Lewis admitted, "I thought I was gonna go Steven Segal for a hot minute and start throwing rocks ... [but then I] heard the second gun shot and I was like, 'F*ck that!'"

Cops quickly rolled to the scene and sent a K-9 unit after the suspect. Barron was eventually arrested and booked for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and obstructing a police officer.


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@@@ Truhful obsever-----

People, including dogs, cats, sheep, and whatever else that may bleed, who make unnecessary noise, especially at night, should be shot. We don't need them, we don't like them, we don't want them.

Furthermore, because you too involve yourself in the annoying art of unnecessary noise making relevant to your above post, indicates to me that you too should be shot, preferably a whole bunch of times.

The only noise that I want to hear, is the noise emanating from the end o*****un barrel, silencing idiots that insist on making unnecessary noise.

If I were to be on this shooter's jury, there would be at most a hung-jury.

(ANABAMN) Anti Noise Advocate By Any Means Necessary-- CEO....Artofwar

1206 days ago


Skinny Carlos needed his gun!!! Shocker!!!!

1206 days ago


All part of the script!

1206 days ago


"This isn't a bullet hole, it's a gunshot..."


1206 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Another lowlife immigrant who acts like this is all a reality show. It's real life beeeech and you're gonna spend it in a cage now with your 'amigos' and brutha's...enjoy the stay. One more rat off the streets.

1206 days ago


I'd much rather watch the guys on Lizar****** towing repo anyday than these guys.

1205 days ago


That is just insane. Mr. Barron is a person who should not be allowed to own a gun because he is not a responsible gun owner. There was not threat to himself, his home, or his property. He acted like a paranoid nut.

Repo games is a show that most of its contestants must have been hiding behind the barn door when brains were passed out. Some of them had me laughing so hard I was in tears because of the answers they were giving to simple questions. Several of the contestants do get three of the five answers right and they get their vehicle free and clear which is a great deal for them. It is a sad, sobering statement about how little many are learning in school. Some of these people have young children which is even more depressing.

1205 days ago


steveV youre a f**kin idiot, they got shot at by a neighbor not the people who were playing the game. you need to shut your mouth and know your roll

1197 days ago


you guys are missing the point. it wasn't a contestant shooting! it was some jerk that got mad that they were parked in front of his house. if it had been a contestant, it could be understood, if not condoned. this clown had no business sticking his nose and his gun in this.

1197 days ago


LMAO I remember that episode. I seriously doubt NOISE made him so mad he started shooting off rounds at the trucks and at them. He was a dead beat that bought a car he couldn't afford and got butt hurt they took his toy away. Time to stop repoing, and repo games giving second chances if this crap keeps going on and move RIGHT TO GRAND THEFT AUTO CHARGES see if they like that ****. Nothing but drug dealers on that show most the time that would shoot some one over a gram of meth anyway, why give those low lives a second chance. Fact maybe it's just about time to start shooting them so we can finally punish the sociopaths the way they deserve to be punished instead of this crap of lowering sentences for real criminals and giving rapists and murderers 5 star hotels as the Liberals are always bitching at everyone to give them. Personally I think Josh should have whipped out a service revolver, put a few rounds in that crazy ass head case and put him down so the neighbors could finally sleep. I bet the ID in Carlos Barron's wallet said Daniel Chase on it and he was getting Government aids while living off poor Dans monthly disability from the land mine taking his arms and legs off anyway and now he has to live in the streets over that psycho piece of s@#$ that got his gun from the back of a 1987 Buick and it's serial numbers where shaved off.

384 days ago
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