'Repo Games' Winners -- 'He Just Started Shooting'

4/27/2011 6:24 AM PDT

'Repo Games' Winners -- 'He Just Started Shooting'

A Las Vegas couple is baffled over a neighbor who went on a shooting rampage as they stood on their front lawn Monday night -- and the woman was saved by a valiant producer from the show "Repo Games."

Damon and Caryn Nelson tell TMZ ... as the crew from the new show "Repo Games" filmed away, the repo man came to take their car away.  The Nelson's were on their front lawn, having just won their car back from the repo man during the game portion of the show, when a neighbor -- Carlos Barron -- came out and just starting shooting.

The Nelson's say to escape the gunfire, they had to scale a 10' wall, but Caryn wasn't tall enough to make it to safety.  So one of the producers stopped to give her a life-saving lift.  No one was hurt.

Barron, who barricaded himself in his home after the shooting, was arrested for attempted murder.

As they say, love thy neighbor ... or at least don't try and shoot them.