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MJ Estate


Famous Crank Call

7/4/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson estate has dropped the hammer on the man who famously crank called MJ in 2007 ... claiming he has NO RIGHT to sell the recording because it contains MJ's REAL voice.

The call was made by legendary prankster Ralphige -- who has fooled the likes of Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, and Chris Brown.  

During the MJ call, Ralphige pretended to be Akon ... and he teased Michael about molesting children. MJ claimed Ralphige was NOT talking to the real Michael Jackson ... but merely an impersonator.  

Now, the MJ Estate is acknowledging that the King of Pop REALLY WAS pranked -- because they've threatened to sue Ralphige for selling the recording on his website for 99 cents a pop ... without permission from MJ's camp.

The threat worked -- because Ralphige's site is down ... but the prankster sees a silver lining ... telling us, "The letter, if anything, it at least proves to the doubters that the prank call is real."

He adds, "I am afraid the estate is not aware Michael personally gave me permission to release the phone call. This is something that I am sure will be discussed in the near future."


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Poor Michael I really miss him,he was a little spoonk ( a Nick name me and my little son share if we see some one we care about and he or she is nice)We call them spoonk.Its a German thing.I really miss him.The wold is not the same since he died.

1199 days ago


@ Phantom

That was the very first time I heard Wings of my Love.

very enjoyable.

1199 days ago


Finally, none so deaf as those that will not hear

@Phantom Thanks for the video...
(I´m just kidding)

1198 days ago


Man In The Mirror

1198 days ago


I just have one question, would you creeps on this earth have done what you did to Michael to anyone else? My God the hell that you people put this man through. Anyhow, he is getting justice even from his grave, starting with the abominable British press. Today News of the World, I hope all the British tabloids get closed down, and in the US I hope it starts with TMZ

1197 days ago


Thanks Phantom, "Wings of Love" was nice, always enjoy your postings.

1192 days ago


Hahahahah, that's definitely no one other than Michael Jackson in the beginning answering the phone, and at the end saying "You THOUGHT you were talking to Mr Jackson weren't you?"

It's not a voice tuner or anything, it's his natural diguise voice. If you look at old Jackson vidoes on Youtube he pulls off this EXACT voice and has done it multiple times to disguise himself. In the end, the jokes on the Ralphige.. sorry, but you just got PWNED by MJ! :p

I can't but laugh..
"If Oprah can do it, we can do it"
"If WHO can do it?"
Hahaha. He knew exactly what he was saying. Oprah ain't nowhere close to him.

1191 days ago


I wish I was able to get MJs number. After I mailed him my phone number in 2007, I started getting calls from him on my cell phone but the calls kept disconnecting. I knew I shoulda gave him the land line, prob woulda got through. Sucks.

1188 days ago

Diane Holms    

Michael Jackson sounds very real

1179 days ago

Diane Holms    

Michael Jackson sounds very real. Michael is a human being he is a talented normal human.

1179 days ago
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