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Octomom FURIOUS Over 'Fabricated' Interview

7/4/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quotes from Octomom flew all over the Internet this week -- the most damaging being, "I hate babies, they disgust me" -- the only problem is ... Octomom says SHE NEVER GAVE THEM!!!

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ every single quote that was attributed to her from an interview with In Touch magazine is false ... because she never even gave them an interview. 

In another passage from the "interview," Nadya supposedly said she thinks her older children are animals and that she often locks herself in the bathroom and cries.

To that she says, "I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours. I Love ALL my children, I do not regret them and it's ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against these disgusting fabricated lies."


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Why is it okay to denigrate a woman who is giving all her energy to sixteen kids without any help?

Why is the world torturing her when she is already trapped inside a life of no relief?

1209 days ago


Yeah Yeah Yeah. Same dance.. different song. Everyone else lies but Fraudya only tells the truth. (cough cough cough) I say.. sue them.

I understand Jose Baez is looking for work.

1209 days ago


I bet your kids will regret you though. I wonder how many will end up in trouble because the have no structure, no discipline and no parenting. They are basically raising themselves. I feel so sorry for them all.

1209 days ago


Barbwire 3 hours ago
Did In Touch also fabricate all the photos with the story?
Was the pic of Maliyah eating drywall photoshopped?
Somebody got an interview! Octo doesn't do those photo op for free.She says if someone shakes her hand she asks "Where's My Check?" (from recent radio interviews).


Is the issue out yet?

1209 days ago


I guess she's now officially a celebrity. Be careful what you wish for Nadya.

1209 days ago


Why did it take her almost a week to respond to this? Inquiring Minds want to know.

1209 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Things on video that she said.

I am losing my house and begging and I have plenty of money and am fine. (Same week)

I love my kids and I wish I never had them.

My mother survived the holocaust. (Latest info but is there proof her mother was even Jewish?)

I never had plastic surgery. (Um, where did all the that outstretched belly go?)

I had a breast reduction. (Her workers comp do***ents say she had an enlargement.)

I was never on welfare. (SSI for disabled kids, medicaid for the tups birth, food stamps, etc.)

I am "too small" down there. (Her vajajay is too small?)

I only had two men in my life, the sperm donor and a boyfriend.
(She was married to Marcos Gutierrez and used his name legally.)

She has used multiple names at the SAME time....Doud, Suleman, Gutierrez and Natalie, Nadya and sometimes her middle name Denise. (She used one name for IVF doctor, another for workers comp, etc.)

She put the last name "Solomon" on the birth certificates with her first 4 having the same father's name with different birth dates and place of birth. The twins and tups have no father listed.

She has threatened to sue several times over lies.
However, she has never been known to sue.

She claims her doctor was good to her and deserves to keep his license and she says he deserves to lose his license for what he did.

Her house is filthy and her kids look miserable and out of control.
Some kids look disabled.

Do YOU think she is capable of disrespecting her kids?
Do you think she is capable of saying something and changing the story?

1209 days ago


Why did she take so long to complain? Normal people which Octo is not complain immediately and do something about it. Where is Gina and why isn't she kicking up a stink? Or is she just making money off of Octo too?

There are so many unanswered questions like why doesn't she fix that kid's cleft lip? Why hasn't she paid off her house when she made money? What's wrong with some of those kids? Many of them look so dopey with tongues hanging out and staring into space. Why did she have more kids when 3 of her older kids aren't quite normal? Why is her house so darn dirty and disgusting and run down and all? That was a real nice house.
When will she go away?

1209 days ago


Why did she wait? She should have complained the first day and started suing. Why would In Touch print that and risk a lawsuit? Where did they get that disgusting photo of the kid eating a hollow door because it is not drywall? Why isn't her porno queen representative Gina saying anything?

This is a woman who wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the azzz. Constant lies, changing stories, more changing stories, embellishments, and more lies.

Who the heck knows what she said or when. There is so much video proof out there that anything outrageous can come out of her mouth. She is just plain a disgusting human being and rotten woman who does not deserve to be called a mother. All she is is a birthing machine. A psychopathic birthing machine.

1209 days ago


realist 7 hours ago Team N - - And if she doesn't sue, what would you infer from that?
That she doesn't want to? If this is false, it's slam, dunk for libel.

Just because Nadya do or don't choose to sue, doesn't mean intouch was telling the truth about her. They have no evidence or proof WSE to back up what they said about her, unless they have video which I'm pretty sure they don't. Anybody can print lies and exaggeration, doctor up photos and tapes-- it only take one hater to spread that lie for other haters to believe. All the other tabloids are quoting what intouch said and they don't have proof either. I would hope Nadya sue all these junkie tabloids that put out lies about her. But it's costly, time consuming and it remains to be seen whether she do or don't-- but it sure as heck doesn't make her out to be a liar. She has nothing to prove, but intouch should back up what they print and prove to its readers what they printed was true or they are the ones that should be label liars, imo. Note:
Inquire, Sun and Intouch are not to be trusted!

1209 days ago


If In Touch really did make it up, she's got a helluva libel suit against them. She won't have to whine about money anymore.

1209 days ago


Team N, Most reporters these days record what their interviewees are saying. Why take a chance on memory when there's Memorex?

She will have to sue InTouch in order to prove that this story is false, and it wouldn't cost her a thing except a couple of hours at an attorney's office.

1209 days ago


@Team Nadya:
If all those other interviews were not true, then why didn't she sue?? I find it hard to believe that she would give up the chance to make some money if she had a solid libel case.

Also, what about the photo of the baby eating drywall?? Was that made up too?
Here's some proof for you:

Most of the larger tabloids (TMZ included) have attorneys that make a ****load of money to keep them from getting sued (you hardly ever hear about lawsuits against them now). Octoliar has not followed through with one lawsuit that she threatened (and this time she's not even threatening to sue-what does that say).

This woman is a known liar - here are some recent quotes from interviews this past week:

Lies from the Howard Stern Show - 6/29/11:

LIE #1: "Her dr said she would make a great egg donor because her kids were all so healthy and perfect".
TRUTH: Autism, ADD and speech disorders are genetic - 1/2 of her kids have genetic issues. I hope none of her defective eggs ended up with any other families.

LIE #2: "Says she won't date so she can be there for her kids".
TRUTH: She stated this as she was thousands of miles away from home (again) doing a non-paid interview and white trash boxing event that probably didn't even cover her expenses. How is she being there for her kids? She's never home.

LIE #3: "She said she has "genetic migraines" and that the dr pushed her to take something for them while she was pregnant, but she wouldn't even take Tylenol."
TRUTH: Her public medical records from her doctors trial show multiple RX's for narcotic pain meds and psych drugs that were taken during many of her pregnancies. She was seeing the workmans comp doctor under one name and Dr. Kamrava (IVF dr) under a different name. And don't start about her medical records being private. She wants to make money in the media then she gives up some privacy. If she would have just stayed out of the media, they wouldn't be writing articles on private aspects of her life.

LIE #4: "She said that the babies do the splits and jump out of their cribs".
TRUTH: This is too ridiculous to even comment on - have you ever seen a 2 yr old do the splits and jump out (note-she said jump not climb) of a crib? I won't even comment on this one.

LIE #5: "She was class valedictorian".
Truth: No record of her being class valedictorian.

LIE #6: "She was a cheerleader in high school" .
Again, she is not in any of the photos with the cheerleaders during any of the time she was in school. Also, none of the other cheerleaders remember her?

LIES from the Australian interview a few weeks ago
Here is a link in case you haven't seen it:

LIE #7: "She worked with sexual abusers for many, many years before she had kids".
TRUTH: The Metropolitan State Hospital's website (where Octoliar worked briefly for 2 yrs) states "MSH does not admit Individuals with a charge or conviction of a sex crime." Here is the link:

LIE #8: In an interview "She had no idea Dr. Kamrava was storing her embryos"
TRUTH: She even though she said before she didn't want to pay for their storage any more.

It is a known fact that her real name isn't even Nadya Suleman (its Natalie Denise Doud). She can't even tell the truth about her real name - for whatever reason she doesn't like it so she just makes up a new one. Its not even the same last name as the octuplets (she gave them the last name of Soloman). Why is that?

There is nothing worse than someone with an over inflated ego that constantly talks about themselves while lying through their teeth. That is why she will never have a successful media career. Yes, she has had some interviews lately, the media pays her for photos and she has had some low rent gigs recently. But all that work and she supposedly only made $28K?? And has made a complete fool out of herself. Listen to some of the interviewers talk after she hangs up the phone! They are laughing at her and making fun of her because of the way she acts.

The thing that most people hate about her (and the reason she will never have a successful career in the media as a public figure (reality show, workout video, book she supposedly wrote, etc) is because she is a pathological liar. She constantly lies about things that are easily verifiable. She also has a huge ego and can't stop bragging about herself (although the things that she comes up with are LIES!).

1209 days ago


Nadya Suleman really should "STOP" talking altogether!!! All she's doing is making it very difficult for anyone with a "legitimate" financial opportunity to assist her think twice about getting involved. I wouldn't be surprised if In Touch actually cobbled together statements taken out of context from different sources. Having so many very young, needy children at one time is enough to overwhelm anyone. Her grip on reality seems to be somewhat "precarious" and she may need "in depth" counseling to deal with the "gravity" of her situation.

1209 days ago


To the commenter who said no one with that many kids has time to lock themselves in the bathroom...don't be gullible. Octomom is reckless and irresponsible, and I don't doubt for one minute that she would let her litter run wild, unattended, in the house while she had a pity party in the bathroom. If ever there was a case for CPS getting involved, this is it. This woman is grotesque in my opinion, and I really fear for those childrens' immediate, as well as long-term, well- being.

1209 days ago
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