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Paris Hilton

All Over 'Hangover' Director

7/5/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Recently single Paris Hilton has found herself a new man in comedy director Todd Phillips -- and TMZ has the photo of them locking lips. 

The photo was snapped Thursday night inside Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

But this is no one-night thing -- we're told Todd was at Paris' pre-July 4th party on Friday where the two "only had eyes for each other."

Go figure, usually the second time around for Todd isn't as good as the first.


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Blech. Who'd get within 2 feet of Paris' mouth? Gross.

The yummy blond in the, Todd should have hit THAT!

1150 days ago


He must be an idiot and she's a ho with walking std's. She's always attention starved just like kim kartrashian.

1150 days ago


He must already have Herpes.

1150 days ago


Bean----- kim kartrashian----love that--very funny!

1150 days ago


I'll join the fray. To hell with the skinny tramp no one cares about, who the hell is that babe with smokin' hot face and the rack that could stop time?

1150 days ago


Stump 3 hours ago
Doesn't look like much of a kiss to me, she doesn't even have her arms around him and I doubt there was any tongue.
Typical TMZ BS, more of their crap to get a rise out of the moron crowd and generate some clicks which equal money for them.

I would however give Paris a lemon for kissing a guy who looks like he just came from Walmart and they were out of razor blades. She dresses and looks good then parties with guys who look like street bums. You would think a Billion air business woman would have a lot more class than that.

Do they call you stump because you're as stupid as one? You aren't doing your PR job for Paris very well as she has confirmed she is currently passing her herpes on to this guy who looks like a 'street bum.' Watch out, she might dock you an hour of your minimum wage you throw up in your mouth a bit every time you have to defend her?

1150 days ago


Hard to believe any normal guy would even look twice at her.Shes goofy looking,personality even worse,just gives you the creeps.

1150 days ago


I don't understand why so many men want to date this woman who is known to have an incurable STD. Are they really that stupid?

1150 days ago


Paris will and always will be nothing to men but a PoA. It looks like she has accepted that role.

1150 days ago


Paris reminds me of the slobbering drunk girls I used to see in the bars. They'd run around all night draping themselves over every guy in the bar until they finally found one to pick them up. (Usually it was some poor guy from out of town that won the prize) No self respect! I guess money can't buy class.

1150 days ago


Who cares about hat Hilton tool, how about that hot blonde with the beautiful rack in the forefront of that picture.

1150 days ago


Guys, do your research, Pari******on is NOT a billionaire, she is worth about $45 million. Her dad is worth $300 million, however her grandfather Barron Hilton, (not sure if he is still alive), a couple of billion $2.3 to be exact, however most of that, around 97% is going to charity on upon his death. The director dude is probably worth more than her at this point.

1150 days ago

Jade Lamothe    

Poor judgement on Todd's part, the blonde chick in the foreground is a much more appealling choice. Then again, when compared to Paris,.. Who isn't? ;)

1150 days ago

PRO US    


Sorry, I didn't get back to you sooner. I was busy enjoying a real life, something you are unacquainted with.

You sound like a high school dork with you claiming to have had "experience" with "boobs". How embarrassing for you, you pitiful wanker, that you can't tell fake boobs when you see them. Someone would have to present you with the packing slip for the silicone or saline bags and you still wouldn't believe it, you dullard. I suggest you get your eyes checked, get a prescription for glasses and wear them and if you still can't tell the difference between real ones and fake ones, you should go for a brain transplant. Hey, you can't do worse than you are doing with your current half-azzed brain. LOL

MightyMad means "insane" in English, it doesn't mean "angry". I think you described yourself quite well and accurately. You're insane, if you say so yourself, and you do. LOL

1150 days ago

PRO US    

Boba Lola 9 hours ago

all i see is blond n fake watermelons
@Boba Lola:

Finally, someone with brains and taste here, aside from myself, noticed the girl in the forefront of the picture is blonde and has fake watermelons.

Everyone else going ga-ga over the saline or silicone fun-bags is out to lunch. Yes, her face is hot but those fake bags are a turn-off, unless you're into synthetic boobs. If you're into synthetic boobs, you probably get a hard-on over synthetic azzes too. People are nutz!

1150 days ago
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