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Weston Cage Rambles About Wife, Life ...

7/5/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage -- fresh out of jail after he and his wife of 2 months were arrested on felony domestic violence --  just posted this message on his Facebook page.  If you can decipher, good luck.


Glad he cleared everything up.



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Did a head dive into a bucket of some sh*t when he made bail, that's apparent by that rambly drivle. WOW.

1171 days ago


Drama King... I'm up for that part where he takes a bullet.

1171 days ago


Taking bets: Rehab or mental illness? Both?

1171 days ago


I found Lyndsays next boyfriend!

1171 days ago


sheesh . . . more 'tweeting' (whatever you call it) personal feelings / thoughts / actions (basically 'press releases') at a ridiculous 'social network' site for all the world to see / read! What's the matter with people these days that they feel the need to play everything out for the world to see on the internet? It's as if everyone is 'on' all the time! Grow the hell up man and shut up . . . deal with reality not the internet etc. You are not going to find any answers to a screwed up life on posting bs on ridiculous social networking sites

1171 days ago


Am I the only one who doesn't understand these ramblings?

1171 days ago

Kris in NYC    

Ya'll are a bunch of super-judgmental pr!ck$!! I totally get what he was saying. And no, I'm not crazy... He loves his wife, but the situation is a difficult one. We don't know the story, so stop pretending that you know enough to judge him or his situation.

1171 days ago


Death Metal love at its finest!

1171 days ago


Dude take your mental meds. You are thor God of the tweekers right now..

1171 days ago


isn't it usually 13 year olds that handle their personal **** like this?

1171 days ago


He doesn't sound unstable at all. I think people forget how young he is. He sounds like a typical young guy who is into wrestling & black metal, who realized that the relationship with the person he loves isn't working out, that he still cares about her, and that he's angry about something some guy did. I'm sure you could find thousands of similar posts on Facebook, by people in similar situations. When people get married that young, it usually doesn't work out, he's just reacting to it. Give the guy a break. I guess it would be more acceptable to you people if he went out, did a bunch of drugs or drank himself into a stupor and then screwed a bunch of prostitutes.

1171 days ago



Didn't he just show us his arm-wound & tell us, "THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T GET MARRIED."


1171 days ago


Dudes not very bright, obviously immature, has severe mental health issues. His mother might just be right... he needs to be committed- he's clearly violent and intent on losing more brain cells he can't afford t lose in a fight with Dave who clearly can put this punk down. He has delusions of grandeur.

1171 days ago

Max Smart    

Charlie Sheen #2. This is why celebs should stay off Twitter & Facebook. TMI.

1171 days ago


Some people like their lives out in public, I know a lot of people who do it as friends everything they have on facebook is public..

Sounds to me that Weston is just like that and he's just a little younger than some of the same friends. Maybe it's the younger generation's need to have to share everything.

From his own post though it sounds like Weston Cage (after not allowing his mother to see him while he was at the hospital) has been through something to want to reconcile him with her.

Apparently some "Dave" pissed him off enough, probably saying ****ty comments about Weston's mother and did to Nikki.

Whoever this Dave is, both him and Weston still need to grow up and stop being immature..

1171 days ago
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