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Charlie Sheen

I'm A Hardcore JUGGALO

7/7/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Insane Clown Posse never thought they'd be able to get a star as big as Charlie Sheen to M.C. at their upcoming Gathering of the Juggalos festival ... until Sheen himself ASKED for the job.


ICP member Violent J tells TMZ ... the group received a call from Charlie's rep back in April ... telling them how Sheen was a HUGE fan of the Gathering and he would LOVE to work with the group.

Of course, ICP was STOKED -- but figured Sheen was WAYYYYY out of their price range. But, Violent J says Charlie was "so into the message of the festival" ... they were able to agree on a "reasonable amount."

The deal was finalized last week and Sheen will serve as an M.C. at the event in August.

Dude better be careful though ... TWO celebrity guests -- Tila Tequila and Method Man -- were bloodied up on stage at last year's Gathering ... when the fans pelted them with rocks and beer cans.



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Chuckles is fine, nothing a 7 gram rock wont fix!

1182 days ago


Lil John Ice Cube Busta Rhymes Paul Wall Flavor Flav Bobby Brown George Clinton (P-Funk) Dayton Family Dustin Diamond Cky Xzibit E-40 Mc Hammer Mystikal Juvenial Kittie Saliva Vanilla Ice Harland Williams and Brian Posehn (comedians) Mick Foley Lil Wyte... This is only a short list of the "mainstream" performers at this years gathering and thats not even mentioning past acts like Ice T and Afroman so if ya'll ganna be hatin on charlie about bein there i hope your sayin the same things about all these people i just listed, as far as the video's that are on this blog, yeah we throw junk at our concerts if you dont like it dont come Methodman and Redman both knew this before they came, we are a rowdy group of people and as far as Tilla the reason we chucked junk at her was because we started to chant "family" durring her set (meaning we were accepting her as one of us) yet she turned around and said "F**K your family its all about me" so you dis us we dis you back simple as that, with all that said i'm just going to put my opinion out there and say, you call charlie ignorant but i really think all of you are ignorant for even caring what his prerogative is he's done with all you judging him for how he acts and thinks and thats what being a juggalo is all about we dont care what any one thinks so hate all you want he always got family wit us Juggalos MMFWCFL Charlie

1182 days ago


So... did ICP just kick it in the back when their guests/openers were gettin jacked up on stage?? wow .. real stand up guys. Surprised they weren't out their cheering their poser followers(sheep - every single one of them) on in their violence.

Haha - its things like this that make me wonder where all the good people are hiding.....

Oh, Charlie Sheen? Really? We are still talkin about that guy? Seriously? Haha - guess I can ask the same of ICP as well too though huh?!

1182 days ago


Charlie is playing this exactly right. Who wouldn't rather do this gig instead of a TV show that pays him $2.5 million every time he shows up to work. No brainer y'all. Show some respect all you haters. Charlie's livin the dream...

1182 days ago


ya'll making juggalos look like ****ty ppl those r the dumb ones

1182 days ago


Charlie is an ALPHA male, no way around it, nothing keeps this guy down.

1182 days ago


The “Men” premier and the roast will both be held on Monday, September 19. Men can be seen at 9:00 on CBS, whereas, Sheen will air at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. Coincidence? I think not.

1181 days ago


I'm sorry but you are very wrong icp is not a bad influence infact they insire outcast to be themselves and not give a **** what the rest of the f*ck up world thinks of them and just so u know i think casey anthony should die nobody should hurt a child and i'm down with icp for life so take that douch bag!

1181 days ago


#WHOOP WHOOP! ha. i said it. but honestly charlie sheen is the **** though. that cooking show pitch of his was funny as ****.

1179 days ago

branden aka branbrakes ninja b!    

charlie shean dies frum a ovadose im kickn yo mutha****n ass for jixin it he tha ******* ****!

1178 days ago


The gathering will be off the chain! Haters should just mind their bizz. Talking smack. If you dont care about our genre of music get the hell off! ya know! Whoop whoop! 505(sexylette)

1172 days ago

Head Hurtz    

The best thing about GOTJ is that you also get to see some of the best up and coming acts in the genre. Check out "The Oddfellaz" from Head Hurtz Music. They are going to be on the Second Stage on Saturday at 5:30pm.

Check out a preview!

1157 days ago
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