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I Would NEVER Interview Casey Anthony

7/9/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Springer says the rumors his show offered Casey Anthony $1 million for an interview are "absolutely, unequivocally not true" -- in fact, Jerry says he wouldn't do it even if HE got paid the million bucks!

Jerry was his usual jovial self yesterday when he explained he thought Casey shouldn't profit from what she did (or didn't do). Jerry said very directly, "God as my witness, I would never interview her. You could pay me the million dollars, I wouldn't do it."

And that's his final thought on that. 


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31% of you are going to hell... casey will see you there. just saying

1170 days ago


WHY would anyone want to have Casey Anthony on their show...? I can think of one reason- remember when Jerry would have the family feuds and feudung brides and grooms, and they would have a HUGE cake fight, while the drunk minister married the couple? With the Anthonys, it would be either dueling pistols, a firing squad or the audience would stone her, and the drunk minister could do the funeral, and after Casey could be buried duct-taped into a plastic bag in a swamp. Now, that is justice, Jerry Springer audience style.

1169 days ago


casey anthony killed her baby and she got away wit it how crazy is that what is wrong with the justice system

1169 days ago


You are my hero ... Mr. Jerry Springer! At least someone has some sense ... in all of this nightmare! But then again maybe she should be on the show and let the public after her, mmm YA THINK!

1169 days ago


When Vivid XXX porno producers don't want you and now Jerry Springer doesn't want you... your seriosly not wanted anywhere LOL

Hell is even too good for this broad. She should have Baby Killer branded on that huge forehead of hers. This is made even worse because I just read that the pharmisist that killed his would be robber just got life in prison without the possiblity of parole...hmmmmmm, I just don't get it. Maybe he should have told the jurors he didn't know how those bullets got in his back.

1169 days ago


I agree, Mag & Jxtr..........I will not support anything that will generate one cent for Casey,the Anthony's, jurors or the defense dream team. If she steps up and admits she killed her baby then toasted her away like garbage she'll have my attention. Don't hold your breath because she doesn't think she did anything wrong,that's her problem. The public is not likely to forget about this for a very long time. Everybody should keep a picture of that darling little girl in their home just in case they are tempted to watch an interview or buy a book.

1169 days ago


No where i wanna watch murder telling lies. She should be locked in jail forever.

1169 days ago


Now jurors are saying that 6 of the 12 were voting for the 2nd charge--not death, the 2nd one.
Yet they did not fight, but caved. they were lazy---wanted to go home!!!
It just shows that people are basically stupid, unable to understand or follow a trial-even when both defense and prosecutor broke it all down. Do the jurors really think that this was like a tv show?? This is the CSI effect--which is that people think crimes are solved in an hour with all kinds of forensics and video!! how dumb.

1169 days ago


I don't care if you said no, you would totally watch! Everyone would...sad but true. And I admit freely that I would watch too. But I'm not saying she should profit in any way, shape or form from it.

1168 days ago


Casey Anthony is completely a vulgar human. She will get hers some day. There is always some one even more crazy than she is.

1168 days ago


A great many people spew a lot of venom. Must be great to be perfect loving Christians.

1168 days ago

fu waddd    

Rupert murduch PP ons Jail4U all springersucks ninnion`ss4tmz ninnions

1168 days ago



1166 days ago


Producer Al Taylor of Private Elevator Productions is going to pay me 1$ million dollars when I get released for an interview. He said he could care less about all the stupid Americans who disagree and are boycotting his decision, because Jerry Springer is secretly paying for it that's what he told me. You don't like me America? Well there is nothing you can do about it. I will be a millionaire for exploiting misfortune rather you like it or not! I will be rich, sitting in a luxurious mansion thanks to that rotting pile of leaves and bones they found!

1165 days ago


This message is for JUSTSAYING..How dare you bring white people into this ****.....its people like you whom make me sick. You must lack education skills.....cause the way you speak/ is a low form of peace of ****. YOU white people scare me….WOW.

WE ALL KNOW SHE IS A BABY KILLER**** you don’t lie about YOUR own daughter missing for 31days, then make up some stupid excuause where she is at…please. If she was even normal at all….she never showed NO sign of Remorse.

1154 days ago
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