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I Would NEVER Interview Casey Anthony

7/9/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Springer says the rumors his show offered Casey Anthony $1 million for an interview are "absolutely, unequivocally not true" -- in fact, Jerry says he wouldn't do it even if HE got paid the million bucks!

Jerry was his usual jovial self yesterday when he explained he thought Casey shouldn't profit from what she did (or didn't do). Jerry said very directly, "God as my witness, I would never interview her. You could pay me the million dollars, I wouldn't do it."

And that's his final thought on that. 


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LOL!! 68% of the people who took this poll are lying!

1181 days ago


Yea right, non of you who voted no in the TMZ poll would no*****ch an interview with Casey Anthony. LOL!!! Same ones who watched every waking minute of In Session and HLN all during the trial. Have to admit I did my fair share of watching the trial and did not agree with the outcome, but that is the way our jury system works.

1181 days ago


The very idea of seeing her in an interview is repulsive. I do think however, that many people will watch.

Look at how many serial killer books / movies / TV specials there have been on people like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy. Charles Manson. Most people have a need to find out what went wrong, what caused those people to do what they did. I think the same thing will happen with Casey Anthony. People will want to know what is going on in that little head of hers.

I personally would watch. I want to know what's going on in that delusional head of hers. I want to see what makes her tick, and try to find reasons as to why she is the way she is.

1181 days ago


Springer is still crazy but I love the guy. And Casey Anthony is an awful human being. She deserves no press. The world needs good role models. You want a good role model, check out ABC's Chris Powell on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (Monday nights at 10pm/9c)! Chris Powell is amazing and truly inspirational. Have you seen this show? Seriously, check it out because you will be just as moved as I was!

1181 days ago


Good for Jerry.

1181 days ago


Springer has been villianized and wrongly so. He has character and ethics. YES, he has televised some seedy people and it has been portrayed badly. BUT -- NOTHING compared to Maury Povitch. Maury should be SO ashamed. He has just . . . gone so over the top. I'm certain he's sitting back poking fun at those very folks he fronts. At least Springer admitted his reasoning. Maury's is simply money. Every once in a while, I watch Maury - kind of like Jello/olives - hate the taste, but will eat - maybe to contrary my taste buds. In the mix, Springer at least has "class." Hard to use that word in any of the context, but certainly applies more to Jerry than Maury. I feel Jerry is telling the truth. Maury would sell his soul for an interview with the Devil - IMHO. What I would LOVE to see is a photo op with Maury sitting down and dining with those TYPES of people he fronts - he USES . . . and that's exactly what it is. They collectively should demand to sit and break break with him - see what his response would be. He's an anal sphincter. Jerry is a class act - in comparison.

1181 days ago


31% of the people would watch an interview with that biatch???!!! OMG, I can't believe that; can't believe she was acquited either :(

1181 days ago


Jerry Springer is not awful and have not wreaked havoc on society. He just made millions by showcasing humanity at its worst!!!

The Jerry Springer Show would have been the PERFECT place for the DYSFUNCTIONAL ANTHONY FAMILY to continue to air their murdering laundry!!!!


1181 days ago


why would anyone want to watch an interview, read a book etc. from Casey Anthony? Although aquitted...She is a PROVEN LIER so anything she will ever say should be considered could NEVER beleive her. So why would anyone pay her and why would anyone listen? I own a newsstand and will not put out any publication for sale that has her on the cover.

1181 days ago


Thank you Jerry for showing some class. Now pass it on to Harvey who is so so eager to interview her...why he would puzzles me

1181 days ago


Damn straight we will watch any interview or book by Baez and his winning team and Casey Anthony. She is NOT guilty and the legal strategy was brilliant. The media and the prosecutors in Florida should be ashamed at their behavior.

1181 days ago



1181 days ago


I don't want to hear a damn thing this lying **** has to say. She will only tell more lies and act all innocent. I say to hell with her, I don't care what happens to her. I just want to know what happened to Caylee and who did it. And you sure as hell couldn't believe her account of it..I don't believe we will ever know the truth.

1181 days ago



1181 days ago


Now that this miscarriage of justice is releasing the child killer, please boycott companies that will profit from ANY money Casey and her sleazy lawyers will gain from this unjust jury. I will only buy a book or watch a show that features the prosecution...they did a fairly good job, it was the jury that did not grasp the concept of reasonable doubt. Please do not let them get rich off of this sad crime.

1181 days ago
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