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I Would NEVER Interview Casey Anthony

7/9/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Springer says the rumors his show offered Casey Anthony $1 million for an interview are "absolutely, unequivocally not true" -- in fact, Jerry says he wouldn't do it even if HE got paid the million bucks!

Jerry was his usual jovial self yesterday when he explained he thought Casey shouldn't profit from what she did (or didn't do). Jerry said very directly, "God as my witness, I would never interview her. You could pay me the million dollars, I wouldn't do it."

And that's his final thought on that. 


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File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

LOL should someone land an interiew, YOU WILL ALL BE WATCHING IT!!!!

1204 days ago


Yeah, right. Look at the bottom feeders this jackass put on tv. He'd do anything for money and attention. He just doesn't have the pull anymore.

1204 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Seek the TRUTH and you will find it in ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORDOID!!!!!!!!!!!!! from your local FACTOIDIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1204 days ago


I already put a curse on anybody that gives that child killer any money. People are scared to give her money now!

1204 days ago


May this thief of the elderly and trusting never see a dime profit from the death of her child.

I am convinced she is guilty, the evidence was clear to me.

1204 days ago


Jerry Springer has integrity. AWESOME!
I will be boycotting most anything that has to do with that sad excuse for a human being known as Casey Anthony. I don't want her to make money off of anything she does from here on out.

1204 days ago


I voted "No" but I would definitely watch a Casey Anthony interview. She's a disgusting person, a murderer, I don't want to watch, but how can I no*****ch that?!?

1204 days ago

In Plain Sight    

First, I would not view anything further to do with Casey Anthony - unless it involves prosecution on new charges. And "no" I'm not just saying that. I experienced it today when I picked up our local newspaper, saw her photo and an article about her and put that section back down to read something else. I felt physically ill just seeing her. So - no - I will not view anything that could bring her any money.

Second - people here are asking why the phrase "not" "watch" has been censored. Put the "t" from "not" together with the "wat" of "watch" and you'll see why.

1204 days ago


Anyone that pays Casey Anthony a single cent is exploiting a murdered baby.

The End.

1204 days ago

Macy Marie    

When Someones actions are so Bad that they Disturb Jerry Springer , you know something is very wrong. THANK YOU JERRY for not supporting BABY KILLER and her DEFENDERS!!

1204 days ago


I checked that I would no*****ch the interview. If you think that people claiming they will no*****ch are liars, you must not have children. Every time I hear about Caylee, I just think about my own daughter. I would never want to watch an interview featuring this murdering s***bag. Anyway, she will just lie some more. It's not like you will be hearing anything true.

1204 days ago


Interview what??? talk about what?? listen to what???
go ahead pay anything to her.....SHE'S JUST GOING TO LIE!!

1203 days ago



1203 days ago


Now that this miscarriage of justice is releasing the child killer, please boycott companies that will profit from ANY money Casey and her sleazy lawyers will gain from this unjust jury. I will only buy a book or watch a show that features the prosecution...they did a fairly good job, it was the jury that did not grasp the concept of reasonable doubt. Please do not let them get rich off of this sad crime.

1203 days ago


Ummm really Noone would watch this interview? Doubt that very much. With all the media hoopla I am positive everyone will tune in...or at least 90% of the ones who clicked no...

1203 days ago
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