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NFL Star's Dogs Kills Neighbor's Dog

7/9/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four dogs belonging to Arizona Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter reportedly killed a dog belonging to one of his neighbor's ... this according to a local report. 

The incident went down on July 2, says the Bakersfield Californian, and a local animal control spokesperson told the paper Porter was cited for not having the dogs on a leash.

The spokesperson said the dogs appeared to be half mastiff, half pit bull -- and that Porter appeared upset about what happened and apologized to the neighbor.

In 2006, Porter's dogs (though unclear if it's the same ones) reportedly got loose from his home in Pennsylvania and killed a miniature horse on a nearby farm.

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Get Real    

In some states it's legal to kill dogs that enter your property to injure or kill livestock. These dogs clearly need either a new owner or a permanent nap.

1168 days ago


Enough said his dogs obviously are a threat to the outside enviroment. Yes a reponsibility of his to keep them on a leash and keep them from harming any animal or person. Doesn't seem like he is fazed by it again. Cardinals drop him like its hot! Its a bad rap! We don't need!!

1168 days ago


I'm sorry pit bulls and rotweillers should not be banned. The breed is not aggressive they are bred and trained to be that way. Small yappy dogs statistically bite more that big dogs it is just not in the newspaper as much. Dogs that are not properly trained give in to their prey drive. They are ANIMALS. So yes all dogs need to be trained, socialized and exercised etc...But you know what some dogs accidentally escape. Was the other dog running free also? Was he out of his yard and off leash? Not saying that's ok but maybe the other owner wasn't properly containing/restraining their dog either. People are so quick to jump to conclusions!
Furthermore why you wanna go make this a racial thing?

1168 days ago


All black people love Pit Bulls.

1168 days ago


Both Maynerd and Rob need to become more educated on Pit Bulls and the people who own them.

I live in Westport, Connecticut (former home of Martha Stewart and Paul Newman), and own two Pit Bulls. So no, not all Pit owners are "ghetto losers". Please educate yourself before speaking about this, or any, subject.

They're wonderful dogs, but - more importantly - I'm an EXTREMELY responsible owner. Unfortunately, the people who make the news as Pit Owners do so due to the fact they're irresponsible "owners" who don't seem to take care of their dogs, socialize them, or train them properly.

Again, please do even a minimal amount of research prior to simply responding to inflammatory stories posted by the Media, who are simply looking for more readers, and will do whatever it takes to obtain them.

If you choose to educate yourself, feel free to Google "pit bulls nanny dogs".

1168 days ago


I have been breeding purebred dogs for 45 years. I wouldn't own a pit bull purebred, much less dog crossbred with large breed like mastiff, even though the latter is a gentle giant. Just asking for trouble.
However, all dogs need to be raised with positive reinforcement, love, and lots of attention through all of the dog life stages. Different breeds were developed for specific purposes, some of which do not exist in modern society. Cesar Millan has it right most of the time, but I have laughed when I have seen him get
bitten. It happens to me about once a week! Sports stars , in fact most people don't have the time or
patience for responsible ownership, which is a lifetime commitment. When people like that come to me
for advice on a breed, I will usually suggest tropical fish instead.

Lastly since I'm on my soapbox and the doobie is burning my fingers, ya'all think about this:
One dog is a companion loyal to you.

Two dogs are friends competing for your attention

Three dogs are a pack trying to determine who is the leader is.

Joey Porter had four dogs!

1168 days ago


pitbulls are not the problem. its the owners who try and teach them bad, aggressive, behavior.

people also need to tie their dogs to a leash in the back yard or fence it in so they cant run off.

1168 days ago


OMG, I take a p- break and come back to shut er down, and ANOTHER moron who should be licensed
before he should be responsible for the care of an animal. Please, please, do NOT recommend that any
one just tie a dog on a leash in their back yard. The rest of your comment is ok. Get a good book on
dog care, and follow shows like "Dog Whisperer" on NGC or Victoria what'shername,the British chick on

1168 days ago


Ban pit bulls already! What the hell is going on? Why do these idiots want these awful dogs? Cause they're ghetto or what?

1168 days ago

The Neko Nation    

The only thing worse and scarier than a pitbull are the pitbull owners. Irresponsible idiots who have no regard for other people and other animals. Their pitbulls attack and sometimes kill and the only thing they do is try and shift the blame. They never accept responsibility and only care about themselves and their dogs. When is enough, enough? They all say that their pitbull is harmless and when they attack then they say oops sorry my bad I guess **** happens.

1168 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Happened whe he lived in Pittsburgh and anyone with a brain could tell you that the type of dogs he keeps that it was only a matter of time. I hope they sue the **** out of him. Great football player though.

1168 days ago


What the **** is up with blacks owning killer pit bulls ? ? Is this a cultural thing that me, whitey, doesn't understand ? ? Can a black please enlighten me as to why so many blacks, rich and poor alike, love killer pit bulls ? ? WTF ? WTF ?

1168 days ago


Um, it is not just 'black thugs' who own pit bulls. I have seen just as many crackers and hispanics own pits as well. I live in Bakersfield, and it has been common my entire life that people in lower income neighborhoods use pit bulls in lieu of a security system. Pure and simply these dogs keep people out of your yard. I am no way condoning this behaviour, to me, training a dog to be vicious is a death sentence for the animal. But it is unfair to say that only blacks own 'killer' pit bulls.

1167 days ago

The Neko Nation    

While Solaera is right about one thing. Pitbulls are owned by low life idiots. Not just ghetto losers but also white trash and latin thugs. The owners of these dogs are nothing more than garbage. They always blame the victims and NEVER apologize or accept the responsibility for their or their dogs actions. They own these dogs because they think it makes them look hard and cool. They always say " My pitbull would never harm a person or another animal". Then when it happens they say **** happens and blame everyone else.

1167 days ago


Dog owners should be held criminally (felony) and civilly liable for damage/death caused by their dog(s).

1167 days ago
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