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Zac Efron -- Could He Have Prevented Buddy's DUI?

7/9/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron was drinking with good friend Ryan Rottman literally minutes before Rottman was arrested for DUI.  The question, should Zac have said anything to his pal to prevent him from taking the wheel?


Sources inside the Dillon's Irish Pub in Hollywood tell TMZ ... Zac, Ryan, Rumer Willis and a few other friends ordered a total of  7 Kamikaze shots, 8 or 9 mixed drinks and 3 - 4 beers.

Zac and Rottman both left the bar at around 9:30 and went their separate ways.  We shot video of Zac running from the bar to his car, though it appears Rumer drove him away. By 9:45, Rottman was in police custody.


Rottman apparently was hammered.  Cops spotted him after he drove up a curb near Dillion's.  He blew a .19, more than twice the legal limit.

We asked Zac's rep if the actor urged his friend to take a taxi or find some other way home that would not have put him behind the wheel.  We did not get a response.

So we ask ...


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some guy    


Didn't know if Zac was drunk or not. If he was I guess you can't have retards leading the retarded.

1166 days ago

some guy    

I agree that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

I'm just saying it was a shame they weren't looking out for each other.

They must dislike each other if they parted ways shortly after leaving the bar.

1166 days ago


not only should he have stopped him, but he shouldn't have got in the car.

1166 days ago


Friends don't let friends drink and drive. Being famous doesn't make you exempt from this.

1166 days ago


hey tmz you were right there -why didn't you do something-woops then you wouldn't have a story

1166 days ago


it's as simple as the saying


that saying has been around forever
because it's true

when someoone is drunk, exercising wise choices and personal/social responsiblity goes out the window-so freinds need step up

the bartender can't be expected to count the drinks of each and every patron in the bar
as friends you can keep an eye out much easier

if you would like your friends to stop you from driving if you have had to much to drink...
(so you are not arrested or so you don't kill yourself and/or others)
....then you should also stop them

do yourself and your friends a favor
about how you will all handle it when the need arises

1165 days ago


The real question is why was Zac leaving with fugly Rumer Willis????

1165 days ago


sad.ryan needs his friends and family right now

1165 days ago


TMZ just reported that Hines Ward got popped for DUI in Ga- but not a word about who should have stopped him- with all the DUI stories TMZ reported with such glee- none ask who should have stopped the person.

Same was true for Rottman yesterday when reported-only when it was found Zac was one o*****roup of people there was it implied that he dint stop his drunk friend-although no one could possibly no that- and as someone observed- one assumes that TMZ "photographers" are sober- and were filming him-if they suspected something amiss-does TMZ have a civic duty to stop him?

1165 days ago

T Dogg    

Listen, as a friend he should tell him not to drive. But for all we know he did. I*****rown ass man wants to drive drunk, then he will drive drunk. Short of physically stopping him or calling the cops there is not much you can do. It is all on the person driving and none on anyone else.

1165 days ago


A responsible person arranges for a ride home before they have too much to drink! You can pass the blame off to others but ultimately the guy should've known better and planned better before he went to the bar! Put the blame on the irresponsible jerk that chose to drink and drive!! It was his responsibility, he chose to drink and drive, he's the ********** not the other people that were in the bar!

1165 days ago

Concerned Consumer    

I'm sure Rumer Willis looks a lot more like her Mom after about ten shots and six beers...

1165 days ago


Why would anyone drink and drive??? How is it Zac's fault? People make there own decision's in life, anyone dumb enough to drink and drive deserve the consequences involeved!!!

1165 days ago


I agree that it's usually really hard to convince a drunk person not to drive, they get all belligerent and stuff. Twice I've convinced drunk people to let me drive them home (since I don't drink), and both times they puked in my car :\

1165 days ago


I think it's unfair to ask us to vote about ZAC stopping this guy from getting behind the wheel. There were other friends there, too. Why aren't we asking THEM to take responsibility, too? NONE of them should let a friend drive drunk. Hasn't anyone learned anything from that Jackass guy?

1165 days ago
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