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Gathering of the Juggalos

LESS Security This Year

7/11/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After last year's attacks of Tila Tequila and Method Man, you'd think the Gathering of the Juggalos would INCREASE security. Not only would you be wrong, but they're doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.


Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse (the group behind the annual festival) tells TMZ ... ICP feels the TALENT was to blame for last year's violence ... because they incited the crowd while onstage.

Mr. J believes the performers lined up for the 2011 festival have "mad respect" for the juggalos ... and won't make the same mistake.

In fact, the group is SOOOOOO confident the juggalos will remain peaceful, they've only booked a small group of private security guards to work the event ... and have NOT asked for help from local police.

The event is scheduled to go down from August 11-14 in Cave-In-Rock, IL -- and the lineup includes Charlie Sheen, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

What are the chances all 3 walk away from the event unscathed?



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meep meep

1178 days ago


There sure are a lot of WIERDOS on this site tonight...

Don't know about method man. As for tila SLUTquila, the audience attacked her because she's a no-talent slutty moron who thought she could just walk on stage topless, try some insipid rapping & people would just love her... WRONG. They sent her back to the bullpen post haste, running with her tail between her legs like a sissy.

1178 days ago


VI is gonna get pummeled...

1178 days ago


Charlie Sheen, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer. Talk about three people so desparate for work that they'd risk injury to do this small gig?

1178 days ago


Terrible idea. Those hacks need protection!

1178 days ago


What, the Hell's Angels weren't available?

1178 days ago


This is a bad idea. What if Charlie Sheen sukks? Are the Juggalos gonna be happy about that? They've already proved to be a violent crowd. Very bad idea, think the Stones at Altamont bad.

1178 days ago


Living uo to their name they are insane and stupid.

1178 days ago


they obviously want them to get stomped so their crap band gets some free publicity, and to sell more tickets. I, for one, would love to seem them all pelted with poop.

1178 days ago


This is a stupid event put on for low intelligence people by a group of blithering idiots. the music sucks and it is all about violence and evil. but upon further thought....seein as they will all be in one spot, maybe we could talk the military out of one of those 20 ton bombs and just be done with their skankness?

1178 days ago


I heard these two "rappers" interviewed on Howard Stern and they come across so ignorant - it is not even funny. I really don't think there are any dumber musicians or celebrities around.

I can only imagine how ignorant their fans must be to buy into this crap.

I guess they're right on par with Charlie Sheen.

1178 days ago


Ive been to 20+ ICP concerts, I cant recall a single violent incedent at any of them.

1178 days ago


there will be less security but they will all be terminators.

1178 days ago


Insane Clown Posse is a bunch of sellouts. They'll grab any low-class z-list star just to try to get more attendance at their gathering.

They look desperate and needy with the failed celebs they are forced to suffer with. It all comes down to money, even for these "counter culture" posers.

1178 days ago


I cant believe how truly stupid icp is. Well, yes I can. You have little security, no cops and you dont think a drunken crowd is going to start trouble. I jus*****ched the video of when method man got hit in the face. And what, thats ok, lets have the event again with only a few securtiy guards. How truly stupid can you be. My only hope is you get shut down and the cops take your behinds to jail for letting people get that crazy and have no one to control them.

1178 days ago
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