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Music Video and Commercial Hunk Busted for Battery

7/11/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This story is for the fellas, since ladies will probably just be staring at the photos ... but a guy who has co-starred with Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian was popped by police after allegedly fighting a security guard.


Josh Kloss -- who appeared in Perry's "Teenage Dream" video and Kim's Super Bowl commercial for Skechers -- was hanging out at the Hollywood and Highland shopping center on Tuesday night.

He says he was outside smoking a cigarette when one of the security guards asked him to put the smoke out. Josh claims he was trying to argue the point and next thing he knew ... he had five security officers on top of him.

LAPD was called in and Kloss was booked for misdemeanor battery. He tells TMZ he didn't get physical with the guard ... it was the other way around.

Security at Hollywood and Highland had no comment and the LAPD says they are investigating the arrest.


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Was he or was was he not allowed to smoke outside that shopping center? If he was not then why trying to argue the point? If he was then the security guards have some explaining to do.
Why is this guy called a hunk??

1197 days ago


sure he wasn't smokin caulk?

1197 days ago


Proof that smoking cigarettes is bad for you.

1197 days ago


I quit smoking cigarettes because crack is cheaper.

1197 days ago


Not shocking since most people, that don't smoke, act as if someone who smokes a cigarette is out to kill THEM.

Alot of people of recent years feel they are allowed to be obnoxious and rude with their little, not so under their breath, remarks as they pass by someone who is smoking. Mostly because someone, somewhere has convinced them that second hand smoke, even for just a fleeting second, is going to kill them.

1197 days ago


Wasn't there, but I always take accounts of altercations with a pound of salt. Security guards frequently think that they're the cops and try to wield power that they don't have. Cops frequently just thugs with uniforms and will beat individuals and claim that they victims were "resisting arrest". Maybe the pretty boy had an attitude or the security guard was ****y or both, but there's more to the story than TMZ is reporting... as is usually the case.

1197 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

TMZ is FINALLY posting some pictures worth looking at! Now, HE is HOT! This made my day TMZ!

1197 days ago


Thank God the security guard stopped him. His cigarette could have ignited all that grease on his body and he´d have gone up like a Christmas ham.

1197 days ago


Wow!!....I wish the whole world would ban cigarrettes.

1197 days ago


A couple of thoughts - dude would be good looking, but the fact that he smokes is nastier than Kim K's ass. Second, why did they cast him opposite Kim K in the Skecher's ad cause everyone knows she is a purple crayon lover and wouldn't give this dude the time of day.

1197 days ago


ALL smokers svck! Stop throwing ur butts out the window!

1197 days ago


wouldn't ming seeing him & adam levine go @ it. mmmmmm

1197 days ago

Hayati smith    

What reason for Fighting with Security by the celebrity.
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1194 days ago

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