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Dave Grohl

BOOTS Violent Fan

'Get the F**K Out!'

7/13/2011 4:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Grohl dropped the HAMMER on an unruly fan during a Foo Fighters concert in London Monday night -- stopping the music to yell at the guy ... "Get the F**K out of my show RIGHT NOW!"


You don't mess with the Grohl.


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Buckwheat's Ghost    

That scene is as phony as Dave Grohl's sincerity. Ian Mackaye is a guy who would stop a fight(real ones) mid-show in D.C., where a little Dave Grohl used to hang around the music scene. Dave, Kurt knew you were a phony, and so do many others. Keep playing tha*****ered-down "jock rock", you pretentious a**-wipe. You make D.C. oh so proud. Go count your money Do**che-bag. You look like a member of Nickelback for crying out loud. Ahahahahaha..but seriously..have a nice day. ..!..-_-..!..

1136 days ago

Dear Rosmarie    

Dave put the band together, Dave keeps the band together. I am sure he forces NO ONE to stay in the band if they don't want to. It IS his band, so he he can direct his comments towards himself if he wants to. So quit thinking he's arrogant!

1136 days ago


First of all you r tards talking about refunds need to learn to read FREE SHOW. Second, if your fighting and wreaking havoc in a show why the hell would you get a refund? Lucky he's not going to jail.

1136 days ago


Go Dave. I have seen the Foo Fighters six times over the years, and Dave is always very engaging, interactive and positive with his audiences. I love that he stood up and protected the atmosphere of the show. Far better than some other bands that threaten to walk off stage completely.

1136 days ago


Guys like Dave Grohl And Tim Mcgraw really crack me up. it's easy to act 10 ft tall and bulletproof when you are surrouned by a phalanx of secuurity but when they're on the street they scurry around like mice in some lame disquise.

I'm not impressed.

1135 days ago


foo sucks, grohl sucks...would be nuthin' if he didn't luck out into kurt's he's an egomaniac arrogant boring rock 'star'....'my show' ...what an a'hole....xxxxxxxx snore!!!

1135 days ago


Love Dave Grohl!

1135 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

The cross around Dave's neck + all the F bombs he drops = IRONY

1135 days ago


Maybe the crowd should have beat his a$$ on the way out..Act like a douch..then we will treat you like a douch! YOU DOUCH BAG!! That guy needed to be taught some manners! Hey! you wanna act like that go to a Hip Hop show!

1135 days ago


Dude, serious props to Dave Grohl for doing this. People who fight just totally ruin the show for everyone around them, so I think it's awesome and appropriate that he kicked the dude out.

For those of you who think the guy should have gotten refunded, paying for a ticket doesn't give you free reign to act like a jerk and make the show miserable for other people. You bought the ticket for the show, and if you can't conduct yourself in a way that doesn't crap all over everyone else's good time, then you SHOULD be kicked out. What about the people around him? Does he owe them now for interrupting their awesome show with his behavior? No one owes anyone anything -- Dave Grohl evened it up perfectly. He resolved the issue by throwing the guy out, and made it worth everyone's while cause it was a crowd pleaser.

Dave "Peacemaker" Grohl

1135 days ago



1134 days ago

Kyle Robert Willis    

I did a sketch of Dave, check it:

880 days ago
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