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Muska's Sponsor: Chad's 'N' WORD Was NOT Racist

7/14/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Muska's skateboard sponsor is totally cool with the fact he hurled the 'N' word during his arrest -- saying it's ok because Chad used an "a" and not an "er" ... at the end of the racial epithet.


A rep for Element Skateboards -- Muska's sponsor since 2006 -- tells TMZ, "There is a major difference between n**ga and n***** and it's totally obvious he is not being racial at all."

The rep goes on to say Chad has Element's full support.

As TMZ first reported, the legendary pro skateboarder was busted for felony vandalism on Hollywood Boulevard early Thursday morning -- and repeatedly spewed the slur during his arrest.

As for the alleged vandalism -- the rep says it was a mistake ... "especially in front of security guards."

So if the guards weren't there ... no problem?

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Just so Element can back up their stance on this incident, I suggest they invite their Team Rider, Darrel Stanton's family down to the Element offices and greet them with "What's up N***as". The only way Johnny Schillereff (President and Founder of Element) is able to put that statement out is if he is woefully ignorant about the history of that word. Perhaps he should talk to someone who has had that word shouted at them while being beaten or chased. See if the 'er' or 'a' makes a difference.

Johnny Schillereff is hiding his true feelings about African Americans behind Pop Culture and Hip Hop. Glad to see he thinks all the African American kids buying his boards and shoes are all "n***as"

1206 days ago


Yes very racist. If that is the case is should be ok and not racist for black people to call white people a cracka instead of a cracker. Just dont say the word period his sponsor is clearly as ignorant as he is

1206 days ago


So if a black person walked around calling white people a cracka instead of a cracker thats cool and not racist? Umm I think not. The BS is racist

1206 days ago


This is the dumbest **** I've ever read.

1206 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

MyOpinionOnly 5 minutes ago

...and since this word was created only to hate, put down, humiliate a specific type of person, there is no way you can change the spelling or the sound of saying it to change the meaning.

Actually, that's not true. Not too long ago, I heard an opera song that was in Latin, imagine my shock when they kept saying the word (*****) meaning "black" suddenly understanding where the word really came from knocked a lot of the shock value out of the word for me.

Not that I'm going to turn around and start saying it, no white guilt, I just don't think it's right to try to hurt people for no reason, whatever color they are.

1206 days ago


wasn't this the plot of an episode of Boondocks?

1206 days ago


WHat a loser...or los-ah...

1206 days ago


My black friends always say n---a to me and I'm asian.... LMAO I USED to say the same back at them -but that was when I was a teenager. I sure as hell ain't racist cause most everyone that I knew was black. The majority of my friends, my best friend even my exes were all black. But just to clarify even further, I wouldn't say it just to my black friends, I even said it to my friends who weren't black. I wouldn't say that to someone older or someone that I didn't know though. For anyone who says otherwise you probably are in an area that's still somehow segregated lmao. Come to the bay area... we don't trip off $#it like that. But like I said.. I was a teenager when I talked like that. I'm a working adult now and you can't work if you talk like a teenager.

Maybe it's because a white boy said it-- it becomes drama? But WTH everything offends everyone nowadays.

1206 days ago


LMAO btw, I guess KAT STACKS is racist too? I don't see TMZ making a big deal off of that. She's a skank and her being Venezuelan don't make her right LMAOO She fk any black man she could find and says n---a all the time.

It's just cause he's white that it's a big deal. ;)

1206 days ago



I think the word you are referring to is negro as that means "black" in spanish and french and possibly latin. The actual use of that word was created for that reason, but I get what your saying. It's still wrong regardless of how its said or used.

1206 days ago

northern gypsy    

what??? i don't think so...spin it however you want...
i'm not buying what his p.r. crew are selling !!!
this fellow is a twit...and little too old to be pulling off this b.s.

1206 days ago


TMZ poll indicates that 60 percent feel the N word usage was not racist. Feel free to drive south to Compton/So. Central (or your local African American community) and shout it out a few times and let me know how your reception turns out.

1206 days ago


Anyone with teenage, high school boys know that they use,
and call, each other n**ga all the time. Even the black
boys call the white boys n**ga. It's all over their facebook.
Everybody wake up and realize these boys are the generation
that look at each other as friends and not someone of a different color. I hope the closet racist, both black & white, does not hinder these budding friendship with such crap as this.

1206 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    


Not to be argumentative, but the Latin word for black is *********.

1206 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Dang your filters TMZ!!

En I ge E ar

1206 days ago
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