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Ryan O'Neal Sues Over Warhol Portrait of Farrah

7/14/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal claims an obsessed, demented, Farrah Fawcett fan is behind recent accusations he stole a $30 million Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah ... so he's suing the guy for defamation.


Farrah donated her vast collection of art to her alma mater, the University of Texas.  One of the pieces she donated was one of two famous Warhol portraits of the "Charlie's Angels" star. 


O'Neal insists the other portrait is his -- given to him by Warhol, who was a close personal friend.  He says it's one of his most  "prized possessions and a precious memento of his life with Ms. Fawcett."

According to the lawsuit, filed by Marty Singer, Craig Nevius -- who has been dogging O'Neal for years -- began telling various media outlets that he stole the portrait in question from Farrah.  Last month, "Good Morning America" and Star Magazine ran stories that O'Neal was being investigated for theft -- something O'Neal calls "false, malicious and defamatory."

The stories triggered a demand from the University of Texas that O'Neal turn the portrait over, stat.

O'Neal says Nevius has been wretched for years, selling medical information about Farrah to the tabloids as she battled cancer.

O'Neal says he will never sell the portrait, and when he dies he'll will it to his son, Redmond O'Neal.

O'Neal says he's suffered "humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress," and he's been damaged in excess of $1 million.

UPDATE: Nevius sent us a statement saying "At no time have I ever claimed" that Ryan stole the portrait. 


No Avatar


O'Neal is a joke. I totally believe he stole that picture.

1197 days ago


Sue!Her death was overshadowed and she was left out at the award show. Andy and they were friends. He did not steal. Quit tarnishing a beautiful woman!

1197 days ago


This guy has done what in the last 10 years? I thought his son was in prison?

1197 days ago


Can a guy that tried to pick-up his own daughter at Farrah's funeral really sue anyone for defamation!

Tatums' life was ruined by him and years later he creepily propositioned her at a funeral only to realize it was his daughter!

The worst part is he was the one that told the story!

1197 days ago


Does not even look like Farrah. She looks ,ore like the poor actress that was murdered by Phil Spector.

1197 days ago


He doesn't need to sue anyone for defamation--his interview on "Piers Morgan" was damaging enough---he sounded like a self-obsessed, arrogant fool.

1197 days ago


Disturbed at the recent Tatum O'Neal interview on Howard Stern -

Where she not only had or has no compassion for Ryan -

But is SELLING her ("not") reality show -

Based on how-big-of-a-jerk he is.

"I encouraged producers to mike him," said she.

IMO she came off very badly ...

And I lost respect for her.

She goes, "He has no reason to be such a jerk, his parents were wonderful people."

Tatum, you don't know that.

You only know how they SEEMED to be ...

And around you.


The Sociopath-Whisperer
Son Of Squeaky Fromme

1197 days ago


Tatum O'Neal p.s.

Tatum, next time you're on Howard ...

And go on and on about how wonderful a man is John McEnroe.

You might wanna mention -

Mighty Mac is now worth in excess of 100 mil.

And paying you a generous monthly stipend -

And for having his kids.

Granted, McEnroe is amazing - but be fair, okay.

You've never walked in Ryan O'Neal's shoes.

So respect the guy.


Son Of Squeaky Fromme
The Sociopath Whisperer

1197 days ago


Tatum's act and demeanor on Stern.

Was that -

She's a major player -

And major star -



1197 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... dunno the whole story, but it seems to me that news orgs. took what one guy told them and treated it as news.

Does Nevius have any hard evidence? Or is it all hearsay. What's his relation to O'Neal? How would he know that Ryan stole a painting? Did Nevius see the painting?

1197 days ago


Yeah the eyes really come out in that picture!

1197 days ago

some guy    

If what Ryan says about Nevius is true, I dunno how anyone can take Nevius seriously.

1197 days ago


O'Neal is a sc*mbag! He mistakenly tried to pick-up his own daughter at Farrah's funeral.

1197 days ago


"humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress" isnt that how his life is and always has been.......he was never married to this pig will even use Farrah in DEATH!

1197 days ago


he needs the money maybe after his son got all the money, give him a buck for coffee

1197 days ago
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