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Donald Rumsfeld -- I've Got TITANIUM In My Pants!

7/15/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is EXPLAINING his TSA pat-down at Chigago's O'Hare airport this week ... chalking the whole thing up to some bionic body parts!


After TMZ posted the photos of Rummy  getting his pat-down on Wednesday ... Donald went to his Twitter page (yes, Donald has a TWITTER page!!) and dropped the following statement:

"It takes those of us with two titanium hips and a titanium shoulder a bit longer to get through TSA ..."

Then, Rummy actually LINKED to our TMZ article!!

That's right ... we got a direct line to a guy who used to kick it at the Pentagon! 

We bad.


No Avatar


PATRIOTIC as well. Good for you TMZ ! WAHOOO ! HooYa !

Mike D

1199 days ago


Wouldn't Donald Rumsfield be TMZ's second link to the Pentagon? I thought your David the Cajun also worked there, yes?

1199 days ago


Donald Rumsfeld is the Shot~

1199 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Don´t let yourselves be associated with this war criminal, TMZ.

1199 days ago


I go thru this when I fly - I have knee replacements and big scars to prove it. Me and all the other grandmoms in America pose a big threat to national security.

1199 days ago


Donald Rumsfeld a War Criminal?? ?
Quick Note 2~? Imperial and Royal Majesty- Don't come to USA..

1199 days ago


Probably the most action he's had in 40 years.

1199 days ago


"Chigago" ??

1199 days ago


he should be tried for crimes against humanity

1199 days ago

Axis of Evil - Rumsfeld, Cheney & Bush

1199 days ago

Delaware D    

Donald Rumsfeld created flat out LIES to get our country to go to war in Iraq. These little airport stories about this lying warmonger are NOT cute. Mr Rumsfeld should be in prison.

1199 days ago


For every hateful post about Rumsfelt, just look at the user name most of the time to KNOW that an idiot posted it. Anti-social, her majesty, etc. What freaks have the audacity to put someone else down.!? And as for him and crimes against humanity, well, I think stopping Saddam's genocide of his own people and stopping more terrorist attacks are a benefit to this world. Yes, some of the intel was wrong. They didn't fabricate anything!! Numerous other countries had the same intel. But if you think Bush was wrong, then YOU should apologize to all those victims and their families that Saddam massacred.

1199 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush are all war criminals and should be hanged. I would have just a little bit of respect if the TSA idiot slugged Rumsfeld in the nuts.

1199 days ago


you know what the numder one problem in the usa.guess w??ho control's the yellow house ?
it's called union's insider's'wallstreet.
amazing how many trip's union leader's have trapised into the oval office.
if not their corrupt support and illegal's osama would never be where he is today.mlf on strike,(lost revenue) union's are the anucolon's. who's getting rich and richer? tromka,and akk his anuscolon friend.s
bo gave 1bil to brazil for oil exploration yet he denie's our effort to utilize our on treasure trove of being indenpendent.
bo's comment..ole now we can buy oil from brazil???
if bo had to make an off the wall comment he freeze's up.
bo does not run the yellow house..his radical harvad nitwit's do.
ever notice how much geinter look's like beavis. lib's go away u are unimportant.

1199 days ago


Those f&%$in idiots with barely a high school diploma probably had no idea who Rumsfeld even is, or they wouldn't need to touch the guy! Brilliant system we have!

1199 days ago
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