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Chad Muska -- 'I'm Extremely, Extremely Sorry'

7/17/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pro skater Chad Muska posted an extremely heartfelt apology video last night -- admitting he was "a complete drunk idiot" on the night he was arrested and he is "so, so sorry for offending anybody out there."


As TMZ first reported, Muska was popped this week for allegedly vandalizing two buildings in Hollywood -- and dropped the N-word several times while dealing with security. 

Muska admitted "it's not right to use certain slang like that" and was deeply apologetic over the whole ordeal, saying, "From the bottom of my heart, I am completely sorry for my actions."


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They say alcohol brings out people's true intentions and feelings....

1164 days ago

Real n the field    

here we go again..
99.9% of white Folks are Racist..period...and now, they've even got other races to jump on there bang wagon, and so called hate blacks for now reason at all!!..
Some exhibit a little more than others, but everyone knows, at least every black knows (well, haha, maybe some blacks are brain washed) ..Its in there DNA..period.

This story is so stupid..if thoughts could be read, you would see whites thinking this all day long.

I personally feel sorry for whites.because for them to feel good about themselves, they have always had to oppress, demean , belittle, or enslave someone else to do so..History shows that!.

Before the slave trade, blacks lived happily, and had every natural resources at the just laying around on the street, diamonds everyone, oil, etc....So when the white man can to timbuktu, and saw the majestic beauty of how we were living, he was enraged with jealousy, and with the assistance of European Jews, and Spain, they "conspired" to STEAL, rape, and pillar
as much wealth, and enslave, and erase (or tried to erase)from the minds the Millions of brothers and sister that were STOLEN, and shipped to the STOLEN STATES OF AMERICA..

Now after 400 YEARS plus folks, of FREE labor...(that means, no pay, no furniture, no college, no summer vacations, no air conditioning, no apple pie, and certainly no bean ice cream to go with it..hahahahahahaha).
One would think, mr white man would say "well damn, I've done all that
i can possibly do with them ******s-I've raped his woman (which alot of you hollywood black women are now "voluntarily given to the decendents of Slave owners), whipped him everyday, changed his name, didn't give him one red cent for all them centuries...maybe we should ship em back to Africa....mmmm, naaaw, lets keep them around, so when we get mad, we can hang em, and call them ******s all the time).

So its nothing to get up in arms about black folks...we already know whats in there hearts, and mind.
just pray to jesus for yourself, and those needing love in there hearts.

So to answer some previous post about "why when whites call us ******s, why it so different than when black call each other *****z"??
Well, what a dumb question...Whites call us"******s" to belittle us, and "try" to make us feel like slaves...where as when blacks say it to each other, it is not in a malice type of way, but in a slang conversational type ..and you know this dumb *ss!!
have a good day everybody ...have to go watch spongbob!!! :}

1164 days ago


As an African American, I don't exactly thing Muska is a racist. I do believe however that somewhere along the way, he has come across black friends that have accepted the use of the term in their presence. As a result, Muska at the time didn't think anything was wrong with it. Many in the black community feel that it is a derogatory term and should not be used. They feel that it represents a term that is used amongst uneducated and ignorant persons. Others in the black community feel that the word, while originally derogatory, has evolved into a term to refer to like-persons in the most formal way imaginable.

Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, other races and cultures should not be boggled that we find it offensive to be used by "non-black" people. We are the only American race that for the most part, have no idea of our culture or heritage. Most do not have a clue about their roots, however collectively we have managed to invent, reinvent and re-reinvent a culture to call our own. The thought of someone taking the exclusivity of the wor from black people is more than likely the cause of such uproar over the word's uses by other races.

Bottom line, if you are not black or of African descent (i.e. Puerto Rican, Cuban, Panamanian etc.) using the word is not socially excepted. I have no control over the use of the word by others, I just would advise against it.

1163 days ago


People have some skating culture thats the least worst accident in skate history .

He was drunk ,get over it, he should just say sorry, and mean it, get help, paid for what he did and hope that one day he can become a better person.

1163 days ago


Stephanie90016 1 day ago
A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind.

That's right Steph, a drunk mouth speaks a sober mind and a sober heart. And the only reason the apology seemed heartfelt was in order to repair any broken image to his brand, because even though he may have meant what he said, god forbid he lose any potential money/earnings via endorsements over this.

1163 days ago


Chad is a good person and he speaks from the heart.

1161 days ago


**** yall *****hs right here

975 days ago
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