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'Deadliest Catch' Captain

ATTACKS Cameraman

7/17/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Deadliest Catch" captain Keith Colburn lashed out in a FEROCIOUS expletive-filled attack on one of the boat's cameramen recently -- bum-rushing the guy into a wall -- and it was all caught on tape.

Keith lost his temper after the photog in question -- named Brad Carper -- called up to the wheelhouse looking for one of the show's producers, interrupting Keith at exactly the wrong time.

Keith snapped.

The fight, which airs next Tuesday on Discovery, went down a couple months ago -- near the end of opilio crab fishing season -- and sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Keith was extremely stressed at the time ... and his fuse was real short. No kidding.

But it's all water under the bridge now -- according to sources, Keith and Brad are back on good terms and all is well. No hard feelings.


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this guy is such an ass...he needs to give it up before someone beats him! man if he ever came at me like that he would end up with lots of lumps. get a grip buddy !! RIP capt phil you were the best capt!!

1193 days ago


Keith is just a temperamental, chubby crybaby. I'd love for that flabby, talentless mongoloid to come at me like that, he'd find the floor pretty quick, just like the time Johnathan pushed him over last season, which he deserved. Nobody likes this guy, stop filming him.

1193 days ago


I would love for him to put his hands on me, for his days as a fisherman would be over! Get anger management ******* before some one messes you up bad! john hillstrand put him in his place last yr. and I loved it!

1192 days ago


Came here to post a comment about this a-hole Colburn ,but seems all my thoughts have been expressed completely by others, I love the show but ALWAYS switch channels or FFWD past Kieth Colburn segments. This guy turns my stomach, everything about him.
PLEASE, get him off the show.......................

1192 days ago


Can you say bully?

1192 days ago


I agree with previous posters. We do not need to show so-called leader, violently pushing around a camera- man. Keith is a terrible role model for people and he has serious anger issues. Give another boat a chance. For now, if I continue to watch Deadliest catch, I will Tivo fast forward through ALL coverage of the Wizard. There is enough violence out there without his continuous rages. I don't care if its water under the bridge.

1192 days ago


Total Fraud. This is pure it's most transparent.

1191 days ago


Am I the only fan of DC that thinks that Keith is a walking time bomb. I truly think he has real anger issues and he uses the excuse that he is "stressed" when he flies off the handle. I am sure other captains get just as stressed as he does, yet never lay a hand on their crew members.Yet.... when the fishing is good he is a happy camper...Maybe it is time he gets out of the fishing industry as he clearly has no control over his anger............... I have to wonder what his kids think when they see his actions... Can't stand the guy.....

1191 days ago


Ole Capt. Keith needs to get a grip!!!! Women PMS once a month....Capt. Keith PMSes EVERY WEEK!!!!! PLEASE God let us have Capt. Phil back!!!

1190 days ago

mike kulick    

I agree fully with both Boner and FranKenStein and would also add ********!!!!!!!!

1190 days ago


i wish i was the cameraman there would have been some furniture moving around going on , on that boat someone would have gone overboard and it wouldn't be me

1189 days ago


i think this f'er must be bipolar or sumtin im like the rest of u i cant stand his azz either he just erks me every time hes on or opens his mouth with some fake azz sh*t that hes going to say hes a dumb azz drama queen i would love to go try it out as a crab fisher but no way i could work for him cause i would end up with the asault charge cause im sure his bi*ch azz would file one u want good tv woop his azz capt. john thats the boat id want to work on time bandit them guys have fun fishing d.c. dump his bi*ch azz & freddy go back to the cornelia r.i.p. capt. phil

1188 days ago


I don't blame Keith at all for blowing up when he is in a high-pressure situation and a tv producer interrupts him. That being said, I don't care for Keith or Jonathan (who were at odds, funny to me) so I don't tune in very much anymore. I like Sig, Andy, Phil (RIP), Josh, and mostly Edgar!

1187 days ago


This guy is a total MoMo! When he comes on I turn the channel. Get smart and get him off the show. He has no doubt caused falling ratings. If he is part of the show next season, count me out. Keith=Jackass!

1187 days ago


Captain is Captain and has pretty wide latitude on his boat. That said - he gets off on that stuff which makes a very SMALL captain. Not likely he could locate the balls to do that ANYWHERE but the boat stress or no stress. Walk away from him - demand you get your ass back. Stand and take it like a man and be told to get the hell away. This captain is paid to have the extra people on board - certainly a pain for all - frequently. This captain is making it personal with a guy who has a DIFFERENT JOB. Worked a barge - not the same - but putting hands on somebody over anything NOT life/safety related is small. Took my share of **** privately and in front of crew, EARNED and some not so earned. You know when you sign up that is the deal. Crew have to know their roles but don't have to respect the behavior. Put my money on the Cameraman all things being equal but captain would NEVER go there on land. Probably in his best interest. Want a pot of coffee? Sure - how about up along side your head. Not as interested in the show after seeing this guy a couple times. Kick a guy out of the wheelhouse - for good cause. Invite him in again to kick him out and off the boat. 8 year olds do that with "get outta my yard!". It's OK to put hands on someone for life/safety but not if you are just putting on a display. Even in my HIGH SCHOOL a male teacher did not put hands on someone without SERIOUS cause, if it got personal... chips fell where they may. No boo hooing if the kid put a stop to it. Captains are most always right as were the teachers. Men/teacher/student can get past this stuff - not sure about this captain.

1187 days ago
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