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Octomom: 'I Am Absolutely DISGUSTED By Babies'

7/19/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the interview Octomom says she never gave -- in which the mother of 14 claims, "I am absolutely DISGUSTED by babies" -- except this time ... it's all caught ON TAPE.


Excerpts of the interview were originally published last month by InTouch Magazine -- via a freelance reporter -- but Nadya Suleman has flat out DENIED ever making the statements, telling TMZ, every single quote that was attributed to her from the interview is false.

But it's clear as day in the audio recording -- Octomom states, "Whenever I hear a baby cry, I cringe. I do not like babies." Nadya continues, "I am absolutely disgusted by babies. They make me sick ... I don't even look at them. I have to look away."

Octo also admits to locking herself in her bathroom just to get away from it all -- a statement she partially denied to us, claiming, "I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours."

Octo's rep tells TMZ, "Nadya never gave an interview to InTouch magazine. She never once said she was disgusted by her own children."



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jenny about a minute ago Oh come on she is tired she is doing all this on her own now it is not like she killed them waited 31 days for her mom to report them missing sit in jail let dumb people send her money get away with it and go into hiding she is just tired give it a rest already !!!!

I agree Jenny, it's not like she gave her kids Chloroform, duct tape their little faces, kill the kids and then toss their decompose body in the wood for animals to feed off of, all while lying for 31 days, partying and taking laughing pictures and not reporting her child missing, yet lied to the police repeatedly, accusing an innocent woman of babysitting and kidnapping her child.

It's not like Nadya strap all her kids in a car and pushed it into a river and blame it on an African American man, all so she can be with some guy who didn't want kids.

It's not like Nadya grab all her children and put them in a bathtube and drown them blaiming it on depressing and post dramatic stress or what have you. UGH!

She didn't chop her babies up and put them in a ice box in the basement neither.

What's that commercial "Calgone take me away" lady took a bath in the bathroom to get away from her family and everyday life drama. 14 loud kids sometimes takes it toll even on teachers and you have to get away to recuperate, take asprin. calm down to start fresh. Perhaps Nadya was having a calgone moment, every mother goes through it... getting away in the bathroom or some quiet spot to read a book to relax, think and regenerate herself so that she can continue caring for her loud kids and everyday life. The point is; she didn't harm her kids, they are safe and sound and she's providing for them every day. They lack for nothing far as I can tell.

1138 days ago


TeamN, They lack a father, or a male role model.

1138 days ago


Even we choose to believe that this POS was referring to other people's babies when she stated "I hate babies", Octo Tard does not need to concern herself with other people's babies. She has 14 kids in her house to worry about, why is she worried about other people's kids?

I saw the Ann Curry interview and this dumbazz is all over the place. She cannot string a sentence together that makes one bit of sense.

She has MAJOR mental illness, and I mean MAJOR.

1138 days ago


once again LIE! LIE! LIE! "yawn"

1138 days ago

Ginger Pail    

@ April ,what traumatic labor did Octopath endure? She had a C/S what 2 months early? .

1138 days ago


She needs to have the kids taken away from her. Additionally, she should be thrown in jail for the rest of her life for causing all this crap. Her only reason for this was for the chance to become famous. Except in her case she is infamous.

Her jail stay would be paid for by her. The system would get her a job making license plates or some other job that is in line with her education and smarts.

1138 days ago


realist 4 minutes ago TeamN, They lack a father, or a male role model.

Nadya is both mother and father to her kids, and she's not alone. There are hundreds if not millions of single parents out there playing that role due to all the deadbeat father's/mother's even. As for "Role model," they have their grandfather who is from my understanding still very active in their lives and I'm sure they have friends and other family male role model that we are probably not even aware of.

1138 days ago


Octo-liar could set her kids on fire on national tv and Team Nadya would still defend her.

1138 days ago



Just as an FYI, it's 14 kids :)

1138 days ago


That's not true or funny octo-is-a-liar!

1138 days ago



Whether or not biological fathers continue to be a daily presence in the lives of their children in the examples you cite, they were still there at some point. These kids have NONE, ever.

The grandfather is 70 years old, and still working, I believe. When you find a picture of him teaching the boys to play catch or teaching any one of them to ride a bicycle, or even holding one of them, please post it.

When you find a picture of a male friend or family member who is actually playing with any one of these children, or holding one of them, please post it.

1138 days ago


ilovegossip 25 minutes ago, TeamNadya

ilovegossip, to be truthfully honest, I have never even seen In touch weekly magazine article on this. My first hearing of this BS is with TMZ. It was thereafter that I begin reading other gossip sites quoting In Touch. Imo they flat out LIE and twisted Nadya words around, not only did they twist her words around they lied because she never gave them a direct interview in the first place, nor did she allow them into her home to take photos, audios or videos. If I'm to believe the article above from TMZ--this was all done behind Nadya's back by a freelance worker who imo sold the story to In touch who took credit for that interview and added their own choice of words to make Nadya look bad for some apparent reason. Sorry, but In touch is not a reliable magazine that you can depend on, all they do is LIE from my understanding.

Therefore, Nadya didn't lie to Ann Curry, she never stated anything In touch accused her of saying to them and what she did say to a freelancer obviously was twisted around by In touch. Plain and simple! :)

1138 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sometimes I think that secretly, Nadya might wish to have her children taken from her. It's right up her alley, I think. She would be relieved of the burden and then she could play her poor little victim card all day long.

Wouldn't that be an interesting page in the Octo-saga? I'm sure the media would be beating down the door for an interview. Cha-ching!

1138 days ago


"Some posters have made it their mission to educate the public about her lies"
Said posters really, really need to get a f'ning life. Cannot believe someone would waste their time this way.

1138 days ago


Nadya obviously needs to be mentally evaluated. She had plastic surgery to try and look like Angelina and then resorted to carrying and giving birth to octuplets just for fame. I'm sure the environment she is surrounded by doesn't help her mental issues at all. If this woman doesn't snap and harm her children, it will be a miracle. If Britney could be placed on a 51/50 hold, then so should Nadya.

1138 days ago
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