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My Ex-Bodyguard's Lying

About Drugs, Farts

7/20/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has a simple reaction to the latest allegations made by a former bodyguard who now claims Brit was on drugs, farted incessantly, and hardly showered.

Sources directly connected with Britney tell TMZ, the singer has a simple response to Fernando Flores' allegations -- "He's a liar."

Flores -- who is suing Brit for sexual harassment -- now claims she uses methamphetamines, farts a lot, picks her nose and has terrible hygiene practices. 

Flores only worked for Britney for a very short period of time.


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It takes a really special person to post all this garbage about her even down to the farts. Get real this tells alot about this guy. I certainly hope all this is not true even if it is some of these comments where not necessary. It looks like somebody is looking for easy $$ .

1192 days ago

RUBIO ver in a minute    

I hope no body ever hires that fat mouth jerk again. He should be sued for being a stinking fame seeking whore.

1192 days ago


He sounds like a jealous assh*le, and not a target of anything but dismissal. I hope this shakedown for money backfires and he has to pay court costs, her lawyer, and hopefully she wins a suit for defamation.

1192 days ago


She still cleans up real nice, but all of the revelations surrounding her life for the last few years robbed her of all her sex appeal. Now we know that under the paint and pearls, there really is a pig.

1192 days ago


He's either "Gay" or an Egotistic ******* to be Smearing Britney's Character that way, She Should Sue Him for being Ungrateful.

1192 days ago

Bobo's dad    

»I've heard about people complaining about her smelly feet«

There's an ancient Greek play called Philoctetes about a guy with an unbearably smelly foot. But that dude was bitten by a snake on his big toe. This dude Britney wasn't. No excuse.

1192 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

I TOTALLY believe him. Britney is disgusting and she can't even (legally) take care of herself at almost 30 years old. She would do anything and I mean anything to get attention.

1192 days ago

Melanie Hamilton    

After I stopped laughing at this I got offended. After all, what female would add nose picking,farting or any personal hygiene to a sexual harassment suit. I almost sounds like "I wouldn't be complaining if this was 10yrs ago Britney trying to OOPs! on me," I'm just irritated that it's a grown woman with 2 kids and fame induced emotional issues. Sexual harasment is no joke but no one who it has actually happened to adds the sting of gross habits as a.....contingency,comment,sidebar? you are a worthless F#CK douchebag, go back to whatever you were doing before and keep your mouth shut, I'm sure somebody right now is scoping you out to make newsworthy YOUR most embarrassing habits.

1192 days ago

It's Alright    

Uh, huh, right. Did the money she pay him with smell, too? I hope she counter-sues him and his crummy, stinking lawyers for filing suit for every every kind of breach including "big-mouth" breach! Pleeeeaaaaazzzzz!

1192 days ago


Farts incessantly... hahaha, that is just funny.

1192 days ago

ross schiff    

We all think this lawsuit is foolish. But in this country people win all sorts of lawsuits. A few years ago a guy in his house trailer put his criuse control on and went back to make a cup od tea and it crash. He sued because in the owners book it did not specify that he should not do this. He collected a cool $1.8 million for his stupidity. They were all as stupid on the jury. If he wins this suit because of this and not the sexual harassment-LOOK OUT COURT SYSTEM.

1192 days ago


what a retarded lawsuit. its gonna get thrown out. if he didnt like working for britney, he couldve and SHOULDVE quit!just another sue happy POS looking for some money! even if the story is true (hypothetically speaking of course) it doesnt change the fact that britney is still the sexiest pop princesss of all time!

1191 days ago


is that k-fed in that new britney spears video??
i wanna go all the the way?

1186 days ago

evan hicks    

that is TOTALLY true! wanna rap or just get weird with someone? email me SWEET! i'm not on salvia or anything, just high on life, and shrooms.

1181 days ago


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1086 days ago
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