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Casey Anthony's Lawyer -- 911 Call Over Death Threats

7/20/2011 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of Cheney Mason -- Casey Anthony's lawyer -- frantically dialed 911 last night, claiming the family has received SEVERAL death threats ... and she fears for her life.


One of the messages, according to the 911 call -- "Your scumbag husband and Baez [Casey's other attorney] better sleep with one eye open."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the Masons have requested extra police presence around their Florida home.

To accommodate the family, we're told cops in Seminole County will perform multiple drive-bys daily to make sure everyone's safe.

We're told the Seminole County Sheriff's Office is also working with the State Attorney to acquire phone records to track down the callers.


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I would have flipped those people off too. Anyone that wants to harm ANY of these people involved need mental attention.
Be more concerned about your OWN communities and stop being a fool with this "karma" crap.

1192 days ago


What a waste of police services. I live in Pinellas County and of course this doesn't make the's total bull. They don't deserve extra protection on my dime. Lie in the bed you made.

1192 days ago

bring back recent posts    

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff....only thing i want to point out too you once you catch your breath from yelling is...she was NOT found INNOCENT.

1192 days ago


Why are they threatening his wife? What does she have to do with anything? How is she responsible for what her husband does? This isn't right.

1192 days ago


Mabe he should stop flipping people off like the classless little moron he is - note to wife - divorce his sorry ass!!

1192 days ago


Some nut shot John Lennon , i'm just saying. They are out there. If you build it they will come.

1192 days ago


Let this be a lesson to us all...

If you don't want death threats - don't kill kids...

1192 days ago


Wow, the vigilantes are worse criminals than Casey. We don't know the details of Casey's case but, vigilante threats are premeditated. That is worse. Sickos.

1192 days ago


thestupid- "Casey might be a jerk and a liar but she was found innocent."

She wasnt found "innocent" she was found NOT GUILTY- big difference-

and Partying for 31 days while your child is missing and not reported is not being a "jerk"
that is what you would call GUILTY!

1192 days ago


I am thinking the wife needs to tell him to quit hiding her and let fate play out. I suppose if they can't get at her he is the next best thing. People are funny

1192 days ago


If she married a stone-faced liar like Cheney she knew what she was getting into. She should dump his ass and move out of his target range. I wouldn't want to be standing within ten feet of Cheney or Baez. They should have thoughts about all of this before they made up the drowning and molestation story. There are a lot of angry folks out there wanting to get on the news themselves and give the finger to Cheney's grave. I don't think those guys will ever feel safe showing their faces in a court again or on the streets.

1192 days ago


she is found not guilty what does she think happened to that precious little girl , has she in any way given law enforcement any leads? thought not. she is a pos

1192 days ago


thestupid 12 minutes ago

Anyone who says stupid crap like BOO FRIGGIN HOO has crap for brains. And anyone who threatens another persons life or wants to take someones elses life is as bad as Casey IF... IF she killed her daughter.

Grow up and shut up


You live up to your screen name. Last time I checked, speech was still protected under the constitution. We live in such an overly PC wussy society that everyone goes crying when their feelings get hurt.

Casey killed her daughter. You must have been one of the dumb f*ck jury members.

1192 days ago


If you are really planning to kill someone do you call and tell them ahead of time? Just asking.

1192 days ago

Home Skillet    

Hey - I just want to applaud everyone. I think that we'll all actually stick together on this "don'*****ch a thing that b*tch does, don't read a damn book that b*tch does - shun the b*tch." I, for one, couldn't care less about what this baby killer has to say, and I won't give her a minute of my time or a dime of my money. Let's all stand together on this, folks! Really screw it to her and her lying skumbag attorneys.

1192 days ago
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