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Casey Anthony's Lawyer -- 911 Call Over Death Threats

7/20/2011 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of Cheney Mason -- Casey Anthony's lawyer -- frantically dialed 911 last night, claiming the family has received SEVERAL death threats ... and she fears for her life.


One of the messages, according to the 911 call -- "Your scumbag husband and Baez [Casey's other attorney] better sleep with one eye open."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the Masons have requested extra police presence around their Florida home.

To accommodate the family, we're told cops in Seminole County will perform multiple drive-bys daily to make sure everyone's safe.

We're told the Seminole County Sheriff's Office is also working with the State Attorney to acquire phone records to track down the callers.


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That fat f*ck Cheney Mason, Dumbass Jose, and crackwhore Casey deserve everything they get.They played really dirty during the trial. They should have thought about what happened to O.J's attorneys. They are all either dead or have had horrible things happen to them. Karma is a BITCH

1157 days ago


This is sad on so many levels. I despise Casey Anthony, and I believe she killed her child. And I don't know how any of these lawyers can sleep at night, without seeing Caylee's sweet, innocent face. With the trial over, I hope Casey never knows a truly happy, free, loving day. She is evil. But we all need to find a way to honor Caylee's legacy, and not make all this worse by threatening innocents involved in the case. They don't deserve this. A lot of people failed Caylee in that trial, but it is over--time to go forward.

1157 days ago


well now...wasn't mason just bragging about being armed? suck it up, it goes with the territory!

1157 days ago


Oh and these pig lawyers can't hide that baby killer forever.

1157 days ago


Guess defending AND hiding a baby killer comes with consequences- Too bad Cheney was more worried about jumping on that money train instead of keeping his family out of harms way- Casey destroys anyone that is close to her- All I have to say is....Sucks to be them

1157 days ago


he's sleep better at night.

1157 days ago


two cents 5 minutes ago
The 911 operator should have told her they were busy. They would send someone out in 31 days. It's not like her husband understands the need for urgency in a situation like this.


The next 911 operator should tell them - sorry, there is a 31 day waiting period!

1157 days ago


It won't go away even though the Jury has spoken. It just isn't ok to murder a baby. So until she decides to talk and turn someone else in, the responsibility is on her shoulders to bear the burden.

1157 days ago


And the callers probably are not even from FL. She has enraged a nation.

1157 days ago


I thought I remembered him saying in a post interview that he was like a "grandfather" to baby killer and if she needed a place to stay, she could stay with him and his wife.

CLEARLY crosses the line between atty/client relationship.

1157 days ago


The Justice system considers everyone INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY so a not guilty verdict would by definition mean the person is innocent.
This is the way the justice system works like it or not. I have no opinion on Casey's guilt or innocent I wasn't in the courtroom and never heard all the evidence presented, I trust that the jury did what they felt was right. Errors happen all the time guilty go free and innocent go to prison it is an imperfect system but it is all that we got.
To right a violent crime by committing another violent crime is idiotic and hypocritical.

1157 days ago


these comments are hilarious but oh so true! she may have been found "not guilty" by 12 bozo's but this is how the REAL world feels..

1157 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

These ppl have enough money to pay for their OWN security! They live in a mansion, in a gated community.
PAY for your OWN security Buncha Damn LIARS!

I recall Mr. & MRS. Mason partying & toasting after a baby was killed by her mother & got away with it - I mean "Toasting the Constitution" (BULL$HIZ) Then he flipped the bird to the world. They were dancing on the grave of a baby shamelessly!

Mr. Mason smugly went on TV & said Baby Killer KC would be welcome @ his mansion. He brought this onto himself & his wife!

Mrs. Mason said she lost life-long friends because her husband threw himself into the BabyKiller case - She was NO longer invited to social events, tea-partys, or Garden Luncheons anymore. Awww.. Poor little Rich B*tch getting shunned like the pariah baby-killer.
They ALL deserve the treatment they are getting now.

YOU are the company YOU keep. (Mrs. Mason divorce that old wind-bag drunkard & maybe ppl wont associate YOU with defending a baby killer or dancing on the grave of a baby anymore.

But seriously WHO announces they are goin to come & kill you over the phone? The quiet freaks are the ones you need to be afraid of. (ie: Mark Chapman)

I still say "Karma is a B*tch & a Stalker, if I was ANY of them associated with BabyKiller KC i'd be afraid of what awaits me in the after-life! Cant call the cops on He!!.

Now GO AWAY Baby Killer defenders! YOU ALL deserve whatever in life (& after life) happens to you sleezy people!

1157 days ago


Anyone that comes in contact with Casey Anthony seems to have their lives ruined!

Sad thing is some dips#!t will marry and have kids with her!

1157 days ago



1157 days ago
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