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Jennifer Lopez


Ukraine Wedding

7/21/2011 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez TORE IT UP during her million dollar performance at a wedding in the Ukraine Tuesday -- rocking out to some of her biggest hits ... in front of hundreds of FIRED UP wedding guests.

Several crowd members shouted out requests during the performance -- and for the most part, she delivered ... with hits like, "Waiting for Tonight," "Let's Get Loud" and her new song, "On the Floor."

The groom -- son of Uzbek oil tycoon Azam Aslamov -- was seen smiling during the show alongside his bride.

At one point Lopez addressed the crowd -- saying, "Are you happy? I am happy because I am here with you today!" 


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I agree with RR! LMFAO!! I was thinking the same thing! She can't sing OR act, why would someone pay her ANY money, let alone one million dollars, to do any of these things at their wedding?! TOO funny! Pay someone five bucks and do what the rap and pop companies do these days-put some no-talent moron on auto-tune! Stick to your fly-girl routine, JLoser. That was your only talent.

1161 days ago


She had "hits"? Really?

1161 days ago

Nevada Billy    

This POOR-HOE-REEK-(garbage)CAN, could only pull an audience in the Ukraine where the people don't know any better. J-LOW has never won a Grammy much less an Emmy so she has to resort to leaving the states to make money. She could never pull an audience in the states but at least this will get her out of the country and away from trying to drag BEN AFFLECK into her third messy divorce. Unfortunately, Ricans have the IQ of a box of rocks so she still doesn't realize that BEN dumped her and isn't interested in her sordid trashy life so she should leave him alone. Ben has a beautiful, smart, talented, white wife and beautiful children he got tired of slumming with her years ago only she's too stupid to understand that.

1161 days ago

Nevada Billy    

This trampy old Rican has never won a Grammy much less an Oscar. The people in the Ukraine don't know any better but at least keeping her out of America, where we won't pay a plug nickel to see her low class performances, will stop her from bothering Ben Affleck with her messy third divorce problems. Ricans can never take a hit because of their low IQ but to make it plain BEN DUMPED YOU J-LOW for a beautiful, educated, classy, talented white girl, so leave him alone!

1161 days ago


Can you say 3X loser!!

1161 days ago


Don't singers sing at strangers weddings at the end of their career?

1161 days ago


At one point Lopez addressed the crowd -- saying, "Are you happy? I am happy because I am here with you today!"

One has to add something to that: "But most of all I am happy because of all that money I get paid."

1161 days ago


So, no matter how rich you are, ultimately you are just a PAID DANCING MONKEY for the entertainment of humans RICHER than YOU?

1161 days ago


What does it matter if she has a great voice? She has the hit songs, back-up music and dancers to make it a great evening, plus the balls to get out there and make it happen. She looks great too. Excuse me folks, but that all adds up to money and success. I'd take it.

1161 days ago


Yeah whatever.TMZ is so far up this ho's azzz it ain't funny. I could care less that she sang for some rich people's party. Lots of singers do. There are just a lot more talented ones that we are interested in. JLO is being FORCED down our throats again cuz she needs her "career" to keep her afloat. Whatever.

1161 days ago

some guy    

Nevada Billy sounds like Ben Affleck. Or maybe not.

I'm just guessin'

1161 days ago


Nevada Billy - Dont be dissing ALL Puerto Ricans based on this beyotch! Most of them can't stand her either! Besides you can't really diss about JHO when the white people gave us Billy Ray Cyrus! Know what I mean? Ditch the racist crap because it doesn't do anything other than show your ignorance.

1161 days ago


horrible. I don't get it.

1161 days ago


Performing at weddings now? Does she ever stay home with her hideous looking twins?? Ben was so wise to dump this.

1161 days ago


"I am happy because I'm here with you....and a million dollars richer."

1161 days ago
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