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Lindsay Lohan: I Saw This Lawsuit Coming ...

7/21/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't shocked one bit that Dawn Holland is suing her over the Betty Ford incident -- telling friends Dawn is MAKING UP the accusations just to bilk her out of millions of dollars.

Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Lindsay has ALWAYS maintained that Dawn was twisting the facts for a cash grab -- and now Lohan believes Dawn's lawsuit -- set to be filed this morning -- proves everything she suspected all along.

We're told Lindsay is adamant she NEVER laid a hand on Dawn during a late night confrontation at the rehab center back in December -- and strongly believes Dawn won't get a SINGLE cent out of her pocket.

Lindsay has another legal issue to deal with today -- she's due in court at 10 AM for a progress report in her necklace theft case. We'll be there -- and so will she -- so stay tuned!

Lindsay Lohan Betty Ford


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of course dawn will lose this one..lindsay could commit a mass murder in broad day light and blame the ones she killed and get off.

1160 days ago



i think radar is is getting alot of PR from the lindsay team.
saying this is about the partying.

i do not believe that at all.

it is about the CS and lack of obligations. but wait and see

1160 days ago


Blood Red Witch 13 minutes ago


Some of us thought it would be fun to try an open to all chat room again. Everyone is welcome.

The link is:

It is the 2nd chat room titled Main Floor. No password needed.

The only rules are: No bashing, threatening others in the chat room. The mods do have the ability to kick or ban anyone that goes too far.

Hope to see lots of you there come court time.

It is currently empty.

1160 days ago

maribel morales    

if she was really injured during the alleged incident then should of filed a police report immediately and not go straight to the media and her story is changing everytime she talks to a new media outlet. as much as i hate to admit this lindsey is right all she wanted was fast easy money.

1160 days ago

some guy    


Ok... I'm in the room. Where's the beer.

That reminds me... BRB

1160 days ago


@Zephyr I'm not calling Lindsay a victim. Obviously, if Dawn was struck, Lindsay is not a victim. I'm calling out the ridiculousness and lack of shrewdness Dawn has displayed since the beginning. What kind of monetary gain is she really getting out of this whole incident since it started? A couple of thousand here for a story tip, a couple of thousand there? Possibly a 10, 20, 30 thousand settlement? That's nothing when you compare it to what you make on your regular job over the course of a couple of years and factoring in you have damaged your professional reputation. And she has really put her name out there and very possibly made it hard for her to get hired somewhere else in her field. She would have been much better off keeping her mouth shut. But she saw stars and dollar signs, but wasn't bright enough to realize they really don't add up to that much when you compare it against your professional reputation. That's why I believe she is a total, complete and 100% dumbass. People are so damn stupid they can't step back for a minute and really think: what is realistic here? They just go diving for publicity and dollars totally ignoring how it is going to really effect their professional reputation and giving honest thought to how much they really can get out of it. It is shear madness.

1160 days ago

some guy    

@AA Ali

Hi. How are ya. Missed ya. What are you wearing?

1160 days ago


@ andyconda,

Yeah, I know these stories are coming straight from Blohan or Dina, take your pick. Like I said to @ Jay, I think TMZ just isn't paying what they were before on these nothing stories and Blohan thinks she's 'banning them'.

You know when I think about it, the judge already knows Blohan was 'partying' thats why she was hauled into court for the failed alcohol test. I can't wait to see the REAL reason because it would be redundant to give her a red carpet just to scold her again for something the judge already scolded her for. Wasn't it the judge who when sentencing Blohan on the necklace case said Blohan didn't have to appear because of the cost of the extra cops and security?

1160 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Thats nice.

1160 days ago

some guy    


Thanks for sharing. I don't remember asking you, though.


1160 days ago


@AA Ali
I hope we see you accompanying your sister to court today :p

1160 days ago


Can't wait for 10AM. Vegas odds say them ti tties will be swingin at the elbow. Somebody needs to tell Dawn Holland that Slohan doesn't HAVE millions - not in a cr ap a ss rental on Menace Way.

1160 days ago

some guy    


What's the line on Linds showing up to court commando?

1160 days ago


why didn't she sue her when it first happened? Also Lindsay has millions of $$$$$$

1160 days ago



Even money. AND CRINGE.

1160 days ago
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