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Arnold & Maria's

Son Hospitalized

-- Surfing Accident

7/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 13-year-old son Christopher is hospitalized after a serious surfing accident last weekend  ... so serious he has been in ICU for days ...TMZ has learned.


Christopher suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung as a result of the accident in Malibu.  We're told Christopher's condition has now been upgraded and he will be OK .

We're told Maria has constantly been at Chris' side.  And Arnold has been a regular visitor as well.  We're told in spite of the divorce, the entire family has come together as a unit in dealing with Christopher's accident.

Maria has had an incredibly tough year ... and an extremely rough week.

UPDATE: Arnold just stopped by the hospital to check up on Christopher ... with his daughter Christina in tow. Maria arrived on her own soon after.

UPDATE #2: Arnold's other children Katherine and Patrick just tweeted thank yous for everyone's condolences. Katherine writes, "[Christopher is] a tough little guy and getting better! Please keep praying for him!."


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Arnold is a disgusting tool for filing the disgusting divorce papers refusing spousal support, especially while his own son is in ICU. Maria gave up her career with NBC to campaign for him and take care of the family while he was in Sacramento fullfilling his own dream. He just showed more of his selfish behavior.

1189 days ago


Uh, where is Arnold?

1189 days ago


Most rich people are ruthless...

1189 days ago

Get a Clue!    

Good Lord, Mark! Grow up! The papers were filed in response to papers SHE a lawyer! Arnold did not go in a file them himself and she does not have to return response, her lawyer will do that! Quit trying to make things worse then they are. Also, the kids is seriously injured, but no one said he was dying, you drama queen!

1189 days ago


OMG, while his son in ICU the Sperminator does that to the mother of this 4 children?!! What a pig !!!

1189 days ago


To pimpc: Leave the kid alone...unless it's your nature to attack kids in ICU. Then by all means, continue being who you are.

I'm very sorry for Maria's troubles. Arnold, not so much. And the other children must be in shock, having to reconcile the loving father they know...with his Other very real, side.

Also, and brace yourself: Arnold could win. Check out Hank Goldberg on the front page of It's the judge who's putting Sheen's kids at risk. The Bench in California doesn't have too many good judges....and Charlie's kids are definitely out-of-luck.

1189 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

While in the ICU, the only thing this kid could say was... "GEHHHT OWWWWOOT!!!...GEHHHT DOOOWWWOOON"

1189 days ago


All of these comments are rude and insensitive. I wonder how many of you are pudgey!!! This is a child that has been injured, show some respect!!!

1189 days ago


Damn! Hasn't the boy seen that girl that lost her arm?!?!?! I had an interest to surf. Then I came to my senses.....

1189 days ago


My heart aches for Maria and all that she has been through this year. This is just the public stuff; image all the "details" and things we don't know. She seems like such a loving wife, mother, daughter, person. I hope her son recovers.

1189 days ago


You'd think these celebrities (no matter how saintly their PR people have brainwashed the public to believe) would get the kid some surfing lessons. He does seem a bit overweight to be surfing.

1189 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Not to minimize her problems, but this woman married a well-known womanizer and now we're crying for her payout of $200 million?

Really, TMZ? Really?

1189 days ago


Wow! The kid is 13 years old and is most likely still in ICU.. probably going through puberty and some of you insensitive fools are sitting there (on your non-photographed) behinds commenting about his weight. I would have loved to see you at 13 or even better- would love to see you now. Grow up and stop making fun of children.

1189 days ago


Hope he get's better fast! See Arnold, if you hadn't been such a nat and had your affair you both could be sitting beside his bed!

1189 days ago


How mean people can be on here. At least he was out getting some exercise while the rest of you are sitting on your computers being rude! He is a kid...I wish you all could post photos of yourselves at 13..definitely not anyones most attractive years!

And, like someone said earlier, Arnold's lawyers were filing a timely response to the papers Maria's attorneys filed. It had nothing to do with the fact that his son was in the hospital. I do not care for Arnold but I'm sure he is worried about his son.

From what you see in the media, Maria is handling all of this with extreme grace. I wish her nothing but the best.

1189 days ago
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