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Katherine Jackson: No Evidence Estate Killed MJ

7/25/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson tells TMZ she knows of NO evidence to support the conspiracy theory that people connected with the Michael Jackson Estate killed the singer.

A number of people, including LaToya Jackson, have suggested there was a conspiracy to kill Michael.

Katherine tells TMZ ... "It is only natural for people who loved Michael, including family members, to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s untimely death. So far I have not seen one shred of evidence that anyone associated with Michael’s estate conspired to kill him.

She continues, "If such evidence ever comes to my attention I will be the first to bring those facts to light.  No one loved Michael more than I loved him, but no one should be falsely accused, as Michael was, of a crime they did not commit."



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I wonder which idle jabber smooth-talked Mrs. J. into making this preemptive statement at this time? Clearly it's in a lawyer's language, not hers ("shred of evidence"; "bring those facts to light").

There are legitimate questions regarding the control of the estate and the timing of how that happened.

"Then watch the ones
With the biggest smiles, the idle jabbers
'Cause they're the backstabbers"
--Michael Jackson, "Money", HIStory album 1995

Follow the money

1149 days ago


It's disgusting how Jack Gordon treated LaToya and her family. I will never feel pity for that guy being dead.

1149 days ago


She needs to apologize for saying that one of Michael's victims recanted. She said during an interview that one victim recanted and that NEVER happened. EVER. Jordan has NEVER spoken about the incident publicly - he has remained silent for the past 15 years or so.

He never, ever, ever recanted. And Katherine claimed in an interview that he did.... She needs to apologize for falsely stating that Jordan recanted.

1149 days ago


mj just loved his power rushes because he escaped in religious and drug
he felt he avoided the painful death of his good looks, creativity, good health,
and common sense.
he wasn't smart and sabotaged himself with drugs and child obsession. as everyone watched his risky deluded life in the 1990s, his family was greedy and let him promote his constantly changed, narcissistic, easily manipulated personality.
katherine was his victimizer and mj was an enabler for chandler and arvizo's abuse. she knew both good and bad sides of her family.
if mj wasn't crying over religion that she brainwashed him with,
he wouldn't have sunken into drug addiction and bed sharing idiocy.

doctors and plastic surgeons let him repress his sexual image and
sex decisions
doctors and plastic surgeons were his best buddies: the angels he permitted to rip up his face and answer yes to mj's drug experiments. that's why he claimed that his image was not girly and that no boy was sexual in his home.

1149 days ago


I don't have the time right now to find proof, but I'm pretty sure Katherine is contradicting herself big time right now...which supports my belief that this has all been a hoax from the beginning.

1149 days ago



the estate , dr. conrad murray , branca whoever DID NOT KILL MJ !!...

people are just blind

1149 days ago


It is so sad to read the negative comments made towards Michael's (beloved by him) mom. In all families there will be disputes and disagreements but that does not mean that you don't love your family. We do not know these people personally. And although we love the public Michael we did not know him personally. Nor did we give birth to him or share his blood. So, to the so called fans and haters ( sometimes you can't tell the difference between the two), do us (his true fans) a favor and appreciate his musical genus and his physical talent. Please stop talking bad about his blood family (the people that knew and loved him best).

To the Jackson family: please continue to be strong against all of thi*****e from people who don't know you nor did they know Michael. Only God can judge. He belonged to you not us, he is forever your SON, FATHER and BROTHER. God bless you! Rest in Peace MJJ-God bless your soul.

1149 days ago

The Neko Nation    

The Jackson family, What a disgusting bunch of leaches, gold diggers, horrible parents, child abusers, drug addicts, and of course pedophiles.

1149 days ago


As far as KJ statement to the media regarding the lack of evidence against the estate, of course she had to say that. I don't think she means it but for reasons unbeknown to the public she had to put out a statement contradicting LaToya. LaToya is saying to much and now is not the right time. However, I absolutely believe what LaToya is saying is true. The executors are calling all of the shots and are making all of the money. But they are being disrespectful to his family as a whole. Greedy b@&+@rd$. BACKSTABBERS.

1149 days ago


The Neko Nation, I would hate to see the bones that are buried in your family closet. You know what they say-it takes one to know one and since you know all of this about the Jackson family obviously your family must contain the same type of characters. Which one are you the leech, gold digger, bad parent or the pedophile? Wow be careful how you point fingers because you have 3 pointing back at you. Good day!

1149 days ago


TMZ is part of the illuminati crap. TMZ is an outlet to spout illuminati press releases.

Watch, "The Music Industry Exposed" on YouTube.

This is another fake press release by the illuminati members which Harvey is part of the scheme.


1149 days ago

Get real    

The fat, money collecting, businessmen can threaten and buy whom ever they choose. Some of us know what they did and will never turn away from truth. Suck it Branca!
We will always be here and we know what you all did that summer!

1149 days ago


MD 6 hours ago
Basically, MJ's need for drugs, to get him through his life, is what killed him. Sorry fans, not a hater, just speaking the truth! MJ took all that stuff knowing there was a risk. He did it anyway. RIP.

MJ is already dead now the loser who injected him the massive dose of propofol needs to pay too.

1149 days ago
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