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Pandora EXPLODES -- Everyone Wants Winehouse!

7/25/2011 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's death made her 100 times more popular ... at least on the Internet -- because TMZ has learned, online radio station Pandora went off the charts with Winehouse requests last weekend.

Amy Winehouse Pandora

A rep for Pandora -- VP of Communication Deborah Roth -- tells TMZ, users typically create between 700-900 Amy Winehouse radio stations every day ... but on Saturday, that number skyrocketed to 75,000!!!

Glass half full?


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I certainly wouldn't brag about letting my daughter idolize this skanky s***bag. Talent means nothing when you throw it in your fans faces by not putting on a show when people have paid to watch to you perform. Nor does it do any good to have talent if you are just going to drink, drug, refuse to reform, and kill yourself. She put her family through hell.

1184 days ago


damn coke whore just put her in the ground with that other druge addict pedo MJ

1184 days ago

northern gypsy    

perhaps...A.W. started her journey with drugs...
because...she was in alot of (emotional) pain...
some order to be a true have to suffer...
my condolences to her family and close friends...

1184 days ago

Appropriate response    

Love her or hate her, out of respect to her family fans and friends she should be remembered for her accomplishments not her failings during the mourning process the media shouldn't exploit her death.

1184 days ago


I enjoyed Amy's music. RIP AMY:(

1184 days ago


That's wrong TMZ! How are you going to post a pic of the wicked witch of the east from Wizard of Oz? Clearly that's not Amy Winehouse!

Shame on you TMZ!!!

1184 days ago


TMZ is part of the reason famous people hate the media. They invade their privacy they put up ****ty pictures of them at their worst moments to add insult to injury. But you know if papparatzi were to do the same to them they would be pist off and whining like little biatches they are.I hope Harvy or that annoying lameass fake conceded DAX get caught doing something as emberrasing as some of these people lets see if they put it up on their website.

1184 days ago


What are you people talking about. I feel bad that she died, I don't think anyone deserves to die but she wasn't the nicest person. She was nasty as hell to fans and she punched a woman in the face for asking for her autograph. You people are hearing reports from other celebrities and interpreting that as the way she behaved towards the people in regular society. She was a pig. She over consumed without a care for anyone who she was hurting. The lyrics to her songs sucked and there was no soul in her music. Her music was mindless blabbering. Her voice was amazing and was soulful but that was where it ended. Pont blank, she was a crackhead who threw away her talents.

1184 days ago


Just Like Michael Jackskin
Worth More Dead Than Alive.

Smells Better Too.

1184 days ago



1184 days ago


"Glass half full?"

Wow, TMZ... that's incredibly tasteless and cold. There's nothing "half full" about a young woman's death. Sold your souls to the devil much?

1184 days ago

Sergey Rusak    

Over the last 2-3 years she lost her popularity because she didn't release any new records and because of her addictions. Now people can't blame her anymore because it's too late, everyone is going to remember her as a young girl who died tragically. Also, it is easy to listen her music and it can fit any person and any generation of people, that's why she will be remembered in 10, 20, and even 50 years.

1184 days ago


who ever idolizes this drug junkie has problems!!

1184 days ago

Suju and 2NE1 fangirl    

@miabella29:LOL the same thing happened to Heath Ledger he was very unknown ,when he died his best known movie was brokeback mountain.Of course men are homophobic so they said that he was a sh**t actor and glad the''gay cowboy'' was dead.Then after the dark knight comes out thats when a lot people started hearing about him and becoming his #1 fan.His fanboys call others **** when their idol ledger played one lol He got popular for the first in death only and got so much cult worship that he got a oscar for his brandon lee the crow rip off.No one really gave a damn about him before the joker role

1184 days ago

Ghost Rider    

If I was still working at a record store I would be hearing Rehab for the Zillionth time, and Back to Black would be selling like hot cakes.

1184 days ago
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