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Lindsay Lohan: I Wasn't Drinking, I Wasn't Drunk

7/25/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off that someone is spreading what she says are lies -- that she was falling-down drunk Saturday night as she left a Hollywood hotel.

Lindsay Lohan Drink

Lindsay tells TMZ ... "Reports of me being intoxicated and not even able to stand are nothing but absurd."

Lindsay says she wasn't even drinking during her friend's birthday party at the Palihouse hotel.

One of Lindsay's friends says, "Lindsay walked out of the party fine and she never once couldn't stand up by herself.  It's strange how someone can come up with such detailed lies."



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@ilovegossip in all fairness to you, I agree that Lindsay doesn't help her perception. Just not in the case of this story and based on the eyeprime pictures. In general, I believe Lindsay feeds a perception that she isn't serious about turning around her life, focusing on her work, she's been caught in many lies in her interview, I think some of what's in the Plum Miami article is accurate about her behavior though not all of it, I think her image in photo shoot work promotes a sleazy nature, that she should avoid nightclubs and even the Chateau since it has memories for her. I don't believe she should sit home and not go to places when invited. I also don't believe there is one opinion about her in Hollywood. I think Rodriguez, Tarrentino, and other directors will use her. Maybe Spike Lee if something were to come up for her. They are pros and would need Lindsay on her best behavior and she hasn't proven she has the professionalism and can stay out of the legal system long enough to do so. So, I'm not against what you are saying totally I just ask you to question some of the times the tabloids say she is drinking or drugged. She may not be as much as claimed. They are selling an image and have agendas and they do this to Lindsay, Miley, or any other "controversial" young female celebrity.

1183 days ago


Man,Delmar, you've completely lost me now. I don't even know what you're saying. My point has always been that if she wants to be a serious actress again, then she needs to lay low and NOT GO OUT. Because when she goes out, this is what happens.
You happen to think it's fine. I don't.

(and there ARE beer bottles in the beach photos!)

1183 days ago

help this young woman    

AAaaaaahhhhh! Here we go!!! Linds just saw some guy walking by downstairs that she thought was Clam Ronson, so she hurled a vase at him.

He's suing for one million dollars.

1183 days ago



Ooops, my post was to your first response, not your second. It doesn't make much sense now, that you added another response :)

1183 days ago


Has she done any CS or gotten her personal shrink (she claims she can't afford)since court? Probally not. Too busy not partying.

Well at least the judge didn't buy her crap that she can't afford a shrink but can afford $7,000 per month rent.

Garbage like this will look good next court date.

1183 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

You have to be missing half your brain to be so obsessed with somebody you H8 so much! Your lives suck so bad, you actually "live" through Linds!!!!!!!!! And that Izzy, what a duche of ALL douches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so everyone knows, my "hat trick" is about to become a possibility with Amanda's pending release!!! I speak the truth, SO SEEK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1183 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

There's a market for Jared Loughner's services!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which ONE of U is the stalker who has a restraining order against them?????? Come on laptop lizards, fess up!!!! I'll buy you a extra large bag of Cheetos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping it REAL one post at a time!!!!!!!!!! What U do with UR time, say's a LOT about U!!!!!!!!!! If you H8, DON'T procreate!!!!!!

1183 days ago

Ghost Rider    

There is this movie I watched the other night that starred the very lovely Debbie Reynolds, and the not so lovely Shelly Winters the other night called "Whats the matter with Helen" and here is yet another movie I can see Dina being the Looney Mom like Winters. You might be able to repackage that movie and call it "Whats the Matter with Dina"?

1183 days ago



Holley will make sure Lindsay has her ducks in a row regarding the counseling. Lindsay won't have to lift a finger for that. What will be interesting to see is how many actual counseling session she attends. I'm not sure the judge stated how many or how long...

1183 days ago


"absurd"? please! i think she has selective memory, use a different adjective...

1183 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lindsay is singing this to YOU right now, tune it up!!!!!!

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1183 days ago

Ghost Rider    

RW, if it wasnt for Lindsay I would be worried about the stock market all the time you POS. I wish, oh do I wish...

1183 days ago


We all know Lindsay is a great Christian who didn't want to go to court on a christian holiday because she prays and goes to church every Sunday. She doesn't even drink the wine when the priest offers her some. She is always being set up by everyone around her, she is a victim.

1183 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Izzy, you wish?? Well let's get it on on TMZ live!!!!!!! You'll wish you were stocking groceries somewhere in the remote part of the country, cause that's where your brain would relocate too.

Let's just say, SCHOOL would be in session!!!!!!!! Give me 60 seconds and it'd be OVER!!!!!!!

Linds would be my ring girl along with Casey!!!!!!!

1183 days ago

Ghost Rider    

But RW, I fight like Rick Flair. WHOOO!!! You would be up against the dirtiest player in the game. WHOOO! You would be going up against Space Mountain itself, which is still the longest line in the park. WHOOO!!! CAN YOU DIG IT?

1183 days ago
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