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Bam Performs Lil Wayne RAP

at Ryan Dunn Tribute

7/26/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera rolled to Pennsylvania this weekend to help raise money for the widow of the passenger killed in Ryan Dunn's car crash last month ... by RAPPING to a Lil Wayne song!


Bam surprised everyone at The Note in West Chester, PA on Saturday ... when he hopped up on the stage, grabbed the mic ... and busted out the song "Runnin.'"

We're told everyone had a "great time" honoring Dunn and Zachary Hartwell ... and the event raised more than $20k -- all of which went to Zac's wife.



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I wouldn't doubt if Bam is next. He hasn't changed a bit.

1148 days ago

John smith    

Nice to raise money but its your bar and you did it for FREE advertising... Bam should at least double the money raised and donate that bc of the free advertising and in good faith. JACK ASS... I hope Dunn's estate pays big bucks to the widow, How irresponsible...

1148 days ago


Bet there was some good drinking & driving going on after this gig

1148 days ago


The Event was for The Fans, Friends, and Family to come and pay tribute to Ryan and Zach's lives. Just because some of you didn't know these individuals personally, as I did, as well as the people effected by their deaths. It gave closure, Bam was on and off stage all night. Bam had nothing to do with Dunns crash and didn't have to hold an event to donate money to Zach's Wife... He did it because that as his best friend. He doesn't have to cut a personal check (though, Im sure he probably did) As well as donating personal Items that were up for raffle. The Event was nicely planned and got many people together to share memories and stories off both guys. THE MOXY, whom he performed with in this video was amazing!(maybe if they didnt use such a horrible video, you could tell) Let these boys rest in peace.

1148 days ago


People are MONSTERS. I like how people get the balls to talk so much **** when they are tucked snuggly behind the safety of their computer, knowing dam well you would not dare speak a word if you were in front of Ryans family or in front of Bam...*******!!! Have fun in hell. The day you lose someone you love remember the things you've said. Keep searching for attention and keep hiding behind your screens. No one had to do this for Zach's wife but out of the GOODNESS of their hearts they did. No one is suing anyone...Zach's family already commented on this subject...check your facts and while you're doing that get a life. RIP Ryan & Zach

1148 days ago


It's truly disgusting to see how some people can make such negative comments about a benefit to remember Zac and Ryan. There will always be haters in our world, that fact will never change but the truth is no-one is perfect not even those who cast out your distasteful and senseless opinions! Do you honestly think you are better than anyone else because you expressed your thoughts on the internet? Maybe those who have this extreme hostility towards the world and other humans should use it for the good. Why don’t you try expressing what the tragedy was and what not to follow in the footsteps of? That is if you can maintain your high mental capacity before leaving your pc or laptop. Also before you ramble on with idiotic statements about who should pay what and who owes money to whomever maybe you could look into the cir****tances a little closer and use more reliable sources than gossip sites. It’s not like the families and friends of Zac and Ryan are going to come out in the spotlight after grieving and go into lengthy detail so the facts are correct for those who have doubt.

1148 days ago

carlo valero    

you guys are ********s who are commenting on this, who cares how Bam and Ryann acted and lived, they always had fun..RIP RYAN and ZAK

1148 days ago


I have an irrational hatred for that Dunn idiot also. Not sure why he pissed me off SOOOOOOO much. Maybe it's the Bam connection. I like Steve-O and Johnny but have always loathed that idiot. He seems full of himself in a way that the other guys are not, and Dunn seems like he was even more delusional. Driving his Porsche into the trees at 130mph with someone else in the car smacks of not giving a **** about anybody but yourself, live or die. I hope God punched that dumb f*ch in the face when he got to the pearly gates.

1148 days ago


Really we need to grow up and not judge others and the dead, why the h#ll do we feel the need to cut down someone we have never met or known personally. Don't take things for just the cover as the truth... If anyone is the imbecile its each one of you that thinks your opinion actually affects these people. Jeez. lol

1148 days ago


How do you know whether or not Bam actually gave some of his own money to the widow?? You dont know that, so dont assume. Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt on this. If he did then maybe he wants to keep it private. I am sure there are SOME things Bam does in his daily life that the public does not know about. My heart goes out to Zac's wife and I know that money will not bring her husband, but I truly hope that it gets her through her current situation, whateva that may be.
Believe me when I say, I totally agree that the way Dunn died was careless and could have been been prevented, but keep in mind that no matter what, he was still a human being who meant something to someone who loved him.
Again I say, to the family and friends of Ryan and Zac, ESPECIALLY Zac's wife and Angie, my deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to ALL of you.

1148 days ago


Was this before or after he tackled his friend down the stairs and ended up in the hospital?

1148 days ago


rip ryan....i <3 bam.....(:

1148 days ago


this is a message for all Weston Cage's detractors
**** OFF.
we are the Black Metal circle in America and you are all just worms to us

1148 days ago


Leaving rapping to black people.

1148 days ago


Uh, so he lied and reported he was in the hospital!? I guess we know the story behind the FAKE EKG that wasn't even set up properly! & if you BREAK ribs wouldnt you need an Xray? As well as his elbow? Why would he NEED to WAIT ON Results about the elbow..NOW I SEE WHY...he lies just to PLUG HIS OWN BAR for an Advertisement? Doesn't even say ANYTHING BEFORE THE EVENT, you know to PULL more suckers in like LYN up pay money out to people WHO ALL ARE COMFORTABLE and don't struggle to work & feed their families. It's SICK! & I am FROM PA too, SO F'ckn WHAT! You wouldn't catch me OR ANY OTHER SENSIBLE person from our area SHOVELING OUT MONEY FOR THIS A$$! Seriously THIS IS ALL ABOUT HIM- THAT IS OBVIOUS OTHERWISE TMZ WOULDVE REPORTED BEFORE THE BENEFIT- you know in HOPES TO GET MORE!! PEOPLE!! WITH THICKER WALLETS IN THERE??!!

Stupid sheep. Smh!

1147 days ago
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