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Casey Anthony



7/28/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony hit the bottle minutes after being released from jail ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ has seen video of Casey getting off a private jet in Florida, hours after she ended her stint behind bars. The video shows Casey holding a half-empty Corona beer bottle.

Casey is smiling as she deplanes. Her former lawyer, Todd Macaluso, is also on board. At one point Casey is heard saying, "I concur" -- a little legalese she probably picked up from her legal team.

Laughter erupts as someone screams, "De Plane, De Plane."

The video is being shopped around by Casey's people, along with anything else that isn't nailed down.


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In my opinion ...TMZ is making a celebrity out of a nobody and who killed a child in cold blood. I am losing repsect for all media that continues to promote this vial person who will never tell the truth and whos legal team who claimed to get casey help is only getting casey millions in ingterview deals. GREED and DISRESPEct.
HLN is no longer a channel i seek ... maybe some day down the road i will check them out again but if I hear the words Casey Anthony it's out for a longer period of time

1188 days ago


Time for her to hit the road. She has lied, done everything possible to get out and start pulling in the big bucks. This so called treatment, COUNSELING OR WHATEVER THEY WANT TO CALL IT, is just a waylay to get people busy and forgetting her and past the Judge Perry Oct hearing. Meanwhile, she is out on a beach, drinking her beer, and living the life of a w---- most likely which she already is. It is time we all hold our guns and not let her run over the people who paid the $822,000 in Florida to waltz her right on back out into living THE BIG LIFE.

1188 days ago


Guests tonight and we talked about this situation. This man is a good hearted person. He said these words. These people are only helping Casey Anthony for a monetary reward. They feel she owes them and whatever they can procure for her in the way of interviews, books, on and on they will for the money. I said why. He said because they saved her from a fate worse than death. I said what. He said life in prison. They are collecting their dues month by month, day by day. They will help her get on her feet to be able to make money and pay her debt. They are not trying to save her from the public. They are not HER KEEPER. He said to not worry about the baby except to mourn Caylee Anthony. Caylee's Mom will in the end be no more than she is today. She is for self alone. All that join her will fall into the same pit and all have to meet their maker.

1188 days ago



1188 days ago


Breaking News

Casey Anthony has been ordered by the judge, to return to Orange County within 72 hours to begin her 1 year probation - in which she must remain in Orange County for her probation period

1187 days ago


The terms of her probation are related to the check fraud. And she must serve her 1 year probation in Orange County. The judge has just ordered her to return to Orange County within 72 hours to begin her probation period.

1187 days ago


Casey Anthony ordered back to Orlando in check fraud caseBy the CNN Wire StaffAugust 1, 2011 3:19 p.m. EDT
Casey Anthony, who was acquitted in her daughter's death, is released from jail in Orlando on July 17.STORY HIGHLIGHTS
Amended court do***ents say Casey Anthony should report within 72 hours
She was sentenced to probation in 2010 after pleading guilty to check fraud
There was an apparent misunderstanding about when the probation was to be served
Anthony's defense attorneys may challenge the move
Check out CNN affiliate WESH-TV in Orlando for more information.

(CNN) -- A Florida judge on Monday signed amended court do***ents mandating that Casey Anthony return to Orlando to serve a year of probation stemming from her check fraud conviction.

"From my reading of this, she should be reporting to probation in Orlando probably within 72 hours," Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland said in signing the do***ents, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The action came after an apparent misunderstanding in the case.

Anthony pleaded guilty in January 2010 to felony check fraud charges, admitting she stole a checkbook from her friend Amy Huizenga and wrote five checks totaling $644.25. At the time, defense attorney Jose Baez asked that Anthony be given credit for time served and be placed on probation.

Strickland apparently intended for the supervised probation to begin after Anthony's release from custody, said Randy Means, spokesman for the Orange County state attorney's office. But the order signed by Strickland at the time seemed to indicate it was to run while Anthony was in custody awaiting trial on murder charges in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.

Anthony jurors to be named in October

Image rehab for Anthony? RELATED TOPICS
Casey Anthony
Caylee Anthony
Criminal Sentencing and Punishment
Jose Baez
A jury acquitted Anthony of charges in Caylee's death. The 25-year-old Orlando woman was released from jail July 17. Her whereabouts since then have been unknown.

Means said prosecutors were surprised to receive a letter from the probation office indicating Anthony's probation was completed.

He said there was a miscommunication between what Strickland said at the sentencing and what the court clerk understood. The clerk thought the probation and Anthony's time in custody were to run concurrently.

The do***ents were amended Monday to add the words "upon release" to Anthony's sentencing do***ents, the Sentinel said.

Orange County prosecutors will not take a position on whether Anthony should serve probation, Means said, adding the issue is between Strickland, Orange County Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. -- who presided over Anthony's murder trial -- the probation department and the clerk's office.

"We don't think we have jurisdiction. The court is the sentencer, and if they think it (sentencing) was not followed, they can do something," Means said. "Our position is to leave it up to the court."

A Department of Corrections spokeswoman told CNN affiliate WESH-TV in Orlando that Anthony must report to Orange County within 72 hours. "We are moving forward to make sure she is following the judge's orders," Gretl Plessinger said.

Anthony's attorneys may challenge the move and claim their client should not have to serve probation because she already did while in custody, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Means said the defense would have a strong argument to have the amended sentencing order declared invalid on grounds of double jeopardy. It would be unconstitutional to have Anthony serve another year of probation if technically she already served it while in jail, he said.

Perry has indicated he wants to meet with officials from the Department of Corrections to go over what happened and "make corrections." Means said he does not know what that means, and knew of no pending hearings regarding the issue.

Strickland recused himself from the Anthony case in April 2010 after the defense alleged he was biased against her. At Anthony's sentencing on the check fraud charges, she was ordered to have no contact with Huizenga, who testified against her during her murder trial.

At her sentencing for the check fraud charges last year, Anthony said, "I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm sorry for what I did. I take complete and full responsibility for my actions, and I'd like to apologize to Amy. I wish I'd been a better friend."

1187 days ago

Marie Walters    

The very best thing that could possibly happen to Casey Anthony, since she was found not guilty, would be if the world completely ignored her. I believe she would 1. either go the rest of the way nuts or 2. do something else for which she could be found guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.I really don't believe she could stand being ignored anymore.

1187 days ago


R U SERIOUS ?? This B*TCH is NOT a celebrity. She is infamous for murdering her child. Please refrain from doing stories about this DEVIL!, her parents and her lawyers. The only way I want to see her again on the news is if someone folds her ass up like a pretzel and put salt in her eyes.

1187 days ago


The amusing thing of the entire Casey Anthony saga, to me, is that the screaming psycho prosecutors and whacko judges and "legal experts" were all hot to see her convicted.

So much for the "presumption of innocence" from those hypocrits.

When the jury declined to convict, all those sleazy "experts" including the prosecutors of the world... sniveled and scoffed and moaned.

You see. The self described "elites" of our legal system only believe in it when it works the way THEY want it to.

America's "justice system" is a farce and the hypocrites and legal "experts" proved it. They manipulate it when they're in court and scream bloody murder when the jury system operates the way its supposed to and that is when the jury system blocks them from convictions based upon guesswork and assumptions.

1186 days ago

Dale Gregory    

Casey has been judged not guilty!!! Get over it!!! Treat your own kids right and better your life somehow!!!!

1185 days ago


what else would you expect from a lying,party girl,tot mom,BABY KILLER.

1182 days ago


All i have to say is this judge perry please take a look at these so called videos of this bitch and if it turns out that this is that bitch then does she look like she scared of these deaths threats doesn't look like it to me she looks like she's enjoying shopping. Another thing judge perry please find out whether or not since this bitches release whether or not Jose and her have been sleeping together because i would bet some money that since being this bitches attorney that their has been something inappropriate going on between the two of them. And i bet Cheney mason would'nt mind her living in his home!!! All i have to say is those jurors found her not guilty because they all wanted to go home and did that so they would not have a conscience they did not look at any evidence video etc. And if they really did care for little Caylee it would not have taken them less then 11 hrs for a verdict they would have looked at all of the evidence they just wanted to be famous and go home so if they are getting deaths each and everyone of them deserves every threat just like that bitch Casey. And as far as her mother she is another one that;s lies OMG she doesn't care about Caylee either and may she go straight to hell along with her murdering daughter.

1182 days ago

Lori Holbrook    

She or the blood suckers (whomever is on the money train) make $25,000 every time they air the "set up" supposed picture of her ugly self wearing the Ohio Ballcap! REALLY? How stupid does she think we are? Aparantly those that purchased it are!!! Those that have seen it say she's holding a Starbucks cup wearing Flip Flops & the closest Starbuck's is 2 miles away. I have already decided not to watch TMZ ever again after one of the cast members (long haired guy) talked about her quote, "big Jugs" & that she was hot. Really? OMG, who or what are they comparing her to? She is living in Ca. in her x-defense lawyer's gated mansion for sale. People.....she is playing us for every penny!!!! Do Not Give Her Any More Air Time!

1180 days ago


I predict that Casey Anthony will make money, Will spend all the money she makes, and will be serving 35 years to life with in the next 10 years. The sad part is somebody will have to die needlessly or she'll get more time for stealing than she did for killing. But no matter what She will never truly be happy because she has to live with her self, and that must really suck.

1105 days ago
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