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7/27/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jalen Rose's lawyer is LASHING OUT at the Michigan judge who just sentenced the former NBA star to serve 20 days in jail for his March DUI ... claiming the sentence is an "abuse of discretion."

Attorney Keith Davidson tells TMZ, "The 20-day jail sentence issued today by this Michigan judge is outrageous."

He adds, "Today we saw a horrendous example of judicial temperament and discretion."

Davidson insists Jalen is a "model citizen who has personally donated millions to charity, established inner city charter schools and a medical center in the Congo" and most importantly ... "has NO PRIOR criminal record."

Davidson adds, "[Jalen] was the victim of abuse of discretion; lack of proportionality in sentencing; legislating from the bench & instituting illegal minimum mandatory sentences for DUIs in violation of law. "

"Mr. Rose is examining all of his legal options based on today's events."

Relevant Fun Fact: In Michigan, there's NO minimum jail requirement for first time DUI offenders.

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some guy    

I think the lawyer should look at previous DUI cases the judge presided over and see what the punishments were.

1183 days ago


Too bad he isn't as cute as Lohan, he may have gotten off.

1183 days ago


The "model citizen" in him should say that he considers the punishment fair, and he has learned his lesson, no more drinking and driving. Use his celebrity status to TEACH that getting a DUI is actually a crime, and not just another instance where if you're a "somebody" you get off with just a slap on the wrist and turn around and do it again...and again...etc. Its called the justice system - sometimes it works! Learn from your crime/punishment...thats the point!

1183 days ago


Is that Jackie Chiles?

1183 days ago


what's the usual jail sentence for first time dui's with a clean record in Michigan?

i doubt everyone gets off free with no jail time. Plus the guy actually flipped the car and could have killed someone else on the road.

1183 days ago


Not a publicist, obviously! We are sick of hearing of DUIs, drunk driving and drunk driving deaths.


He has 20 days to think about that.

1183 days ago


The chances of him spending the full 20 days in slim to none, Its the 1 year of probation that might trip him up, He probably won't be able to stay out of trouble for a year

1183 days ago

Bob the Builder3000    

He needs to stop whining. It could have been a lot worse:

Michigan Drunk Driving Fines & Penalties

1st Drunk Driving Conviction
Jail – Up to 93 Days
License Suspension – Up to 6 Months
License Suspension - Eligible for Restricted License after 30 Days
License Points - 6
Fine – From $100 to $500
Fine - $1,000 Driver Responsibility Fee for 2 Years

Other Possibilities

Community Service – Up to 360... Hours
Ignition Interlock
Vehicle Immobilization

1183 days ago


Good for the judge there are so many people who make the decision to drive while drunk and usually get away and then surprise surprise they do it again and again. Better they learn the lesson the frist time then letting them think that its ok its my first time. Grow up and deal with the punishment.

1183 days ago

Ray J.     

and that's why repeat DUI offenders kill people, because some hack says it's an abuse of power to make someone pay for thier crime...

1183 days ago

Hey Now    

Are you kidding me? He's whining about 20 days? Days? Big baby.

1183 days ago


So let me get this straight, as long as your large charity donator, and you give volunteer time to inner city youth you are long longer legally liable for drinking and driving. Hmm, where did this lawyer go to school???

1183 days ago


Giving to charity doesn't give you a free pass you dummy! In a perfect world first time offenders would spend a mandatory year in jail. DUI's are so common that eventually the courts will be rewarding you with cash prizes!

1183 days ago


i wholeheartedly agree with TRW. i don't care how much you've given to charities, or how " model" your citizenry is, drunk drivers KILL people! there is no excuse good enough to let ANYONE walk away from a OWI charge. this lawyer needs to shut up, let his client do his paltry 20 days, and hope a lessons been learned here. ( but i'm betting not) just hope he doesn't kill someone next time.

1183 days ago


Too harsh? Are you kidding? 37,000 people die needlessly each year in the U.S. because of drunk drivers. People guilty of being so criminally irresponsible as to put lives in danger while driving intoxicated should get a minimum 6 months of hard community labor in their off-work hours, plus lose their driver's license for 2 years, and complete a "responsible drinking" program. This whiny d-bag should consider himself lucky, vow to never drink and drive again, and shut the hell up.

1183 days ago
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