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Kat Von D Blasts TV Show:


7/27/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D says she had a DAMN good reason for walking off "Good Day L.A." this morning -- telling TMZ, she made one reasonable request ... and producers repeatedly BLEW HER OFF.

Kat tells us, she agreed to answer a question about her breakup from Jesse James on one condition -- that the anchor didn't mention the split in his introduction.

But according to Kat, that request was IGNORED -- and as we previously reported, anchor Jeff Michael read out an introduction that highlighted Kat and Jesse's breakup.

Kat says she saw what was on the teleprompter long before Jeff read it -- and even pulled a producer aside to have someone change the script ... but nothing happened.

According to Kat, she "very politely" informed them ... if it wasn't changed, she wouldn't be able to go on. But no one changed squat, so Kat beat it.

Later, during the show, the executive producer went on the air -- explaining Kat's only prior request was not to bring up Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee ... a request "Good Day" honored.

Nevertheless, Kat adds, "I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best."


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Jesse James is a glorified grease monkey. Kat Von D is a bimbo of the highest order. Now, what exactly is their talent? Just go away.

1150 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

When they finally take her show off the air, she will be living out of her car within 12 months-tops. Maybe she could try calling Weston Cage.

1150 days ago


What an idiot she is. As a professional tattoo artist, she should know not to put someone's name, never mind their portrait on their body. This chick must have real issues to glom onto these guys so quickly. Way to go Jesse, for keeping a straight face when looking at her new tat, all the while knowing he was going to dump her in a few days.

1150 days ago


Wow..... I twittered my breakup but YOU cannot mention it. MENTION it. Control freak, everyone is talking crap about you now Kat because that is a ridiculous stance to take. You are not better than anyone and don't deserve special treatment and it WASN'T disrespectful. You should be more like me and be Un-offendable because it gives people power over you. Words have no power, only what YOU give them. You gave the show better ratings by walking off, I am sure they love this publicity. You would have been better off doing the dumb interview. We all know you got done the way Sandy did, oh wait....the other girl got done not you. "I am so happy"......yup, that was over quick. Next time make a GOOD decision regarding who you date and don't date a cheating effer like J. James. I used to think you were kinda cool but then I saw your show and how you act, like you are better than other people. Oh and whatever you did to your face is not normal looking, just saying. Yup, you are famous now.....might as well tatoo a bullseye on yourself somewhere because that is what fame gets you, people hating and loving you without knowing you. I would rather be poor and anonymous for sure so I can cry about my breakups in peace.

1150 days ago


I can't stand Jillian Reynolds and that other idiot, Dorothy Lucey. In THIS case, the morning news crew is better off. First...this is Kat's third or fourth engagement within the last couple of years? If LA INK's publicist or series producers send out a clip of the James' tattoo, you darn well that Kat had to approve it. Her love life is tired and if she doesn't get off her high horse, her show will be tired as well. I'm already bored with the subject....SNORE...

1150 days ago


who the hell cares about Kat Von D anyways?? she is not breaking news FFS!

1150 days ago


are't her 15 mines nearly up anyway?

1150 days ago


This **** is just doing this whole thing as a publicity stunt , **** her , GDLA does not need her on there show.

1150 days ago


WOTF is jeff michaels, and who cares
have harvey host it
or dorothy michaels for fack sakes!

1150 days ago

Home Skillet    

It's Kat Von D. I care more about the new toilet paper I bought. (It's so soft, you guys!)

1150 days ago


stfu kat and man-up!!!

1150 days ago


Women, if you want to be disliked just date Jesse James and make fun of America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock. Not that she did publicly, but he wrote that book slamming Sandra and comparing the two basically, all lies apparently just like any celeb who puts out a book out.

1150 days ago


This chica needs to remember the only reason anyone is interested in interviewing her is because of Sandra Bullock. It certainly isn't because of her overwhelming talent or beauty or ex-lover. She barrio trash all the way.

1150 days ago


I think the whole "dating" thing between KVD and JJ was just a publicity stunt in the first place. No*****ching the new season, so more fake than ever.

1150 days ago


I always wonder? what does she look like under all that makeup she wears... my go Jesse Sandra is like thousand time much prettier then this weirdo... just saying

1150 days ago
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