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Kat Von D Blasts TV Show:


7/27/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D says she had a DAMN good reason for walking off "Good Day L.A." this morning -- telling TMZ, she made one reasonable request ... and producers repeatedly BLEW HER OFF.

Kat tells us, she agreed to answer a question about her breakup from Jesse James on one condition -- that the anchor didn't mention the split in his introduction.

But according to Kat, that request was IGNORED -- and as we previously reported, anchor Jeff Michael read out an introduction that highlighted Kat and Jesse's breakup.

Kat says she saw what was on the teleprompter long before Jeff read it -- and even pulled a producer aside to have someone change the script ... but nothing happened.

According to Kat, she "very politely" informed them ... if it wasn't changed, she wouldn't be able to go on. But no one changed squat, so Kat beat it.

Later, during the show, the executive producer went on the air -- explaining Kat's only prior request was not to bring up Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee ... a request "Good Day" honored.

Nevertheless, Kat adds, "I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best."


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Why do we even care? Who are these people? WHITE TRASH!

1185 days ago



1185 days ago


Dumb bimbo hooker!

1185 days ago


Kat Von D's a dirty ho, dirty ho, Dirty Ho, Kat Von D's a dirty ho she takes it in the butt

1185 days ago


Her histrionics says there is more to the break up then she is letting on, bet he screwed around on her too, then dumped.

She says on her show promo " I don't care what people think" then why the dramatics over the break up?
Had they not broken up I doubt she would have been invited on at all.

1185 days ago


For a cartoon sewer rat, she sure thinks she's important.

1185 days ago


Yeah, If Jesse was going to be brought up at all why was it such a problem for her if he was mentioned in the intro - oh, yeah, he's more famous than she is (no matter how you feel about him he is!) and there are lots of people watching who still have no idea who Kat von D is lol!

1185 days ago


Don't know if Kat will ever read this comment , BUT here it goes.!!!!

1st of all Kat you are such a "Drama Queen", Did the princess feel that she wasn't getting her way when she was suppose to go on "GOOD DAY L.A ", .There is a saying that says , "Actions speak louder than words" and you obviously displayed it when you walked out . What you did was unprofessional . "Boo Hoo" Grow Up ! Your in the entertainment business Chica get some Balls or better yet why don't you tattoo a pair on yourself. .

F.Y.I Chica, your in a industry tha*****ches your every move. Not every interview is gonna go smoothly. So word of advise grow some snake skin and learn how to handle yourself when your put in the spot. "WALKING out of situations ,"LITERALLY" is not the solution to a problem. Not only does it make you look unprofessional but it also burns bridges with future possible gigs that you may get.

Last but not least. I am no psychiatrist but I found it really odd that Kat would say to Jesse when he showed up at her tattoo parlor, " I thought you came to break up with me "!!! Really Kat thats a red flag. Desperate times means that you take desperate mesures. Kat knew that there relationship was rocky and Jesse was probably thinkng of ending it but she thought that by getting a tattoo of him would probably make him change his mind unfortuantely that was not the case. Everyone knows that getting your partners name or picture tattooed on your body is a big No, No . !!! When Kat showed Jesse the tattoo she got of him Jesse reaction clearly was not one of being thrilled or happy but one of shock and disconcern .I got mad seeing his reaction of not being thankful to kat.

I use to watch LA INK becuase Kat seem like a really down to earth person and she seemed really cool but as the new seaons came and went I along with my friends noticed that Kat seemed to change. Her personality changed for the worse meaning she seemed more "Fi-Fi" she turned into one of those hollywood snobs a total chang for the worse. With all do respect the cool, down to earth kat that seem nice and humble slowly vanished. Totally different from when she was on" Miami Ink", Reality check Chica your slipping away.



1185 days ago


Bah! No one cares about her! A bit old for tantrums
Hope her and Jesse go away and stop wasting air space of real celebrities.

1185 days ago


Thanks for this update.

1185 days ago


I think she's a NUT JOB. I saw her when her show came out last season, flipping out on people, her network I think, for putting Jesse in some of the episodes. I refused to watch after seein' her act so stupid. This assures me that I was RIGHT, she's a spoiled BRAT!

1185 days ago



1185 days ago


Skank Trash.

1185 days ago

Laura Sullivan    

Kat needs to stop lying about what went on at GDLA. She acted like a 2 year old. Stop blaming GDLA and fess up.

1185 days ago


Can't understand why you all bash her or him it is what it is Kat did not break up Sandra's & Jesses marriage,it takes two to make a marriage strong. She is an artist in her own right too much anger with all of you just enjoy there ride. there's more importante issues in the world than this this is just entertainment and you all feed into it!

1185 days ago
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