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7/27/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D walked off the set of "Good Day L.A." this morning ... minutes before she was set to give an interview -- and we're told, it was all because the anchor mentioned her breakup with Jesse James.

Sources on set tell TMZ, Kat was all set to give the interview -- but flipped out when she heard how she was introduced on the show ... and walked out of the building before the interview even started.

During the introduction, "Good Day" aired a clip from Kat's show "L.A. Ink" -- showing Kat getting a tattoo of Jesse James on her side -- and anchor Jeff Michael mentioned she got the tattoo before she and Jesse called it quits.

According to sources, Kat was pissed Michael even brought up her relationship with Jesse ... and stormed out of the building.

 We're told Kat approved the Jesse James tattoo clip from her show -- and even got a heads up from "Good Day" producers that she would be asked about the breakup during the interview.

 It's unclear what exactly went wrong -- but Kat just tweeted, "Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for each other never fails to disappoint me."

 UPDATE: "Good Day" host Jillian Reynoldsjust went OFF on Kat for ditching the interview ... you gotta watch this clip!


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Kat is dumb. Before she was know for her skills now she is known for dating every available has been. Her days of being known for her tattooing is over. Forever now she will always be known as the KAT VON D, the woman who dated Jesse James. The girl has no brains. She should have defended herself during the interview and showed that she was more than Jesse James's ex woman.

Act like you look. Be the tough rocker chick and speak your mind..Don't run off and be all stupid and Glammy Hollywood. Remember where you came from, BE HARDCORE. One thing about it. Jillian is a woman and she speaks her mind all the time.

1162 days ago


Don't these cheaply hired to read the news geek-jocks realize who kat almost was?!! This storm away all upset and indignant is bigger than planking.. worthless to be interviewed for any other reason than they are worthless, z-list ho's.. walk-off's are the new attention getting rave. Paris gave it a try but she chickened out.. but then she is a hopeless, worthless, backbiting, cheating, lying and dying for attention skank too.

1162 days ago


She probably intentionally caused a scene because she's an attention whore. She knew ahead of time what clip they had, she knew they were going to ask her about it. She could have easily cancelled the appearance, as they stated, or when she got there she could have told them (or had one of her "people" tell them) not to ask her about Jesse. And, for those who seem to be unaware of just what a piece of crap she is, she has cheated on every single person she's been involved with, including her former husband. She's the most self involved person I've ever met and cares for no one but herself. When I knew her, her entire mission in life was to know famous people, to be known, & to be famous. She would constantly insert herself into situations where her presence was not wanted or required, just to be around someone famous. She really is pathetic and I hope one day gets exactly what is coming to her.

1162 days ago


Haha *****footin' around!

1162 days ago


When Jillian Barberi is making sense you really screwed up. Kat a couple of words of wisdom.
1. Don't bring your retarded brother on the show
2. Get all that residue MEth washed out of your system
3. Get that loose skin addressed via Plastic Surgery.

AND fINALLY - Stops getting Tatoos of your boy friends IDIOT!

1162 days ago


If she would just stop tattooing all these losers' faces on her labia whenever she falls in "love" with them, then maybe she wouldn't be so bitter when they dumped her.

1162 days ago

S D M F    


1162 days ago


Storming out of an interview is the new "vag flash". Just another way for people with nothing to say to get attention.

1162 days ago

Staying Cool    

She would just say her tattoos tell a life story and she is glad she has told that story in the tattoo way. She will be looking to one-up that tattoo for more and more famous people to have tattooed on her. It's way more of a sad joke on Jesse if he ever one day gets his act together.

1162 days ago


STD's 52 minutes ago
I stopped watching Good Day L.A. a long time ago, because Jillian is the biggest TARD on t.v. Here Jillian has a point. However, it should be noted that Jillian and her husband were friends with Sandra and Jesse, and Jillian frequently told stories about hanging out with them when they lived in H.B.
HA! Jillian is a train wreck. She loves to talk about her friendships with celebs as if she's impressing ALL of Los Angeles. She forgets this town is BUILT on the entertainment biz so MOST of us work with celebs to one degree or another.

AND if she REALLY does hang w/ the celebs she boasts about, she'd KNOW better then to say ANYTHING.

1162 days ago


I used to be a fan of Kat. Not so much anymore. Her show became a moron of the month type show instead of about the tattoos and the stories (like it was supposed to be). I don't know what happened with her but she seemed smarter or more depth when she drank (as sad as that is). Hopefully this is the end of her reality everybody cares days since this is how she acts. Move on.

1162 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Would anyone even know her if it weren't for her hook up to J.J. (which was a joke from the start)?? Spoiled, no talent, wannabe celeb. Go away Kat.

1162 days ago


Now that Kat broke up with Jesse, GDLA wants to invite her to "LA INK" really? like they couldn't do that a year ago or 3 years ago? why does she need to come to GDLA of all news to promote her show were it is various promoted on TV and billboards generating millions of viewers since what, 2007? Now Jillian Reynolds you phony! You guys just want to get the real scoop on how Kat's feeling and how they broke up, for what? for ratings? for money? GDLA is just like any other tabloid (a power money hungry waste). clearly it was a freaking trap for Kat, she shouldn't have done ANY interviews period, knowing they are gonna talk about Jesse..Doesn't freaking make sense to me, she should be like Sandra and not do any interviews PERTAINING to Jesse..

1162 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

AND... what a dumba@@ for tatooing his picture on her side.

1162 days ago



1162 days ago
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