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Pregnant Man


7/27/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former woman turned transgendered pregnant man Thomas Beatie didn't get ripped overnight -- in fact, he tells TMZ, it took LOTS of hard work to drop the baby weight ... and even some hormones.

Beatie -- who has given birth to three children -- called in to TMZ Live today, telling us, he owes his chiseled bod to good old-fashioned diet and exercise ... claiming he eats high protein, low carb ... and lifts weights. (FYI -- his bench is 225)

But hormones helped too -- Beatie says he went back on testosterone 4 months ago after his last pregnancy ... and it gave him a HUGE boost in the muscle department.

As for his transformation surgery -- Beatie says he has no plans to have a full sex-change operation ... as far as he's concerned, he's legally male ... and that's enough.

Check out the video ... he's very entertaining. 


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I'm confused. If I'm a guy and I'm attracted to "him" then I don't have to worry I'm gay because he's a she? Or take the more realistic opposite. I'm repulsed by "him" but he's a "she" so I'm still gay because I'm turned off by a woman? Either way, I lose and must be gay. This stinks.

1184 days ago


So doesn't anyone see the problem with a topless woman on this site? She is a woman, she has breasts. And she's TOPLESS.

1184 days ago


Simply chopping your boobs off makes you a man? The media are imbeciles.

If you want to run a story on this jackazz woman why not report that she is flat broke and having babies that we are supporting with her welfare checks.

1184 days ago


I'm confused, she is not anywhere near "ripped" - Harvey maybe you need to wear your glasses? She has a bulge of fat in her abdomen, not a 6-pack of abs. What the hell are you looking at?

1184 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

It had a baby because it is a woman. Why lie to yourself with this legal fiction?

She is a woman. I can call myself Elvis Presley all I want - I can convince myself that I'm Elvis Presley - I can have my name changed to Elvis Presley - at the end of the day - No, I'm not Elvis Presley.

Sound like a bunch of ******* who get butt hurt for calling her what she really is...a woman. She may look like a man, you can attach a penis to her but she is and always will be a woman.

Good day.

1184 days ago

Timmy Boy    

If she is a man, does that mean the guy whose wife cut off his deek is a woman?

Think about it.

1184 days ago


I agree with Disturbed, what are you ediots looking at...
This HE/SHE has zero defination, PERIOD. HE/SHE look like

1184 days ago


I just threw up a little in my mouth.

1184 days ago


I just threw up a little in my mouth.

1184 days ago

So cutting off your tits and keeping your vagina is now considered a man? God Bless America, land of the freaks.

At least the German's just crap on each other during sex.

1184 days ago


Cross-dressing is fine. With a nod and a wink, we are all "in on it". But if you mutilate your body, and you expect society to accept you as you now "present" yourself, you are just kidding yourself. Disgusting...

1184 days ago


Ickkk..It looks so disgusting!

1184 days ago


typical interview rewrite: What he said was he is taking testosterone again and he did it in 4 months. plus eating right! Its a steroid, of course he will be pumped up!

1184 days ago


Why are people bashing this guy? I consider him a guy, just because he was born as a girl doesn't mean he will always be one. I wouldn't really consider him a "complete" man, for obvious reasons, but he is considered a guy at least. This is America, where people have freedom. Most people who are bashing this guy are just people who believe people should be the way God made them. I do believe God gave us all free will did he not?

1184 days ago

Jack Peter    

Geez, get it straight-- men cannot have babies.

1184 days ago
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