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Pregnant Man


7/27/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former woman turned transgendered pregnant man Thomas Beatie didn't get ripped overnight -- in fact, he tells TMZ, it took LOTS of hard work to drop the baby weight ... and even some hormones.

Beatie -- who has given birth to three children -- called in to TMZ Live today, telling us, he owes his chiseled bod to good old-fashioned diet and exercise ... claiming he eats high protein, low carb ... and lifts weights. (FYI -- his bench is 225)

But hormones helped too -- Beatie says he went back on testosterone 4 months ago after his last pregnancy ... and it gave him a HUGE boost in the muscle department.

As for his transformation surgery -- Beatie says he has no plans to have a full sex-change operation ... as far as he's concerned, he's legally male ... and that's enough.

Check out the video ... he's very entertaining. 


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Why are people so judgemental? I'm happy that our country accepts such a spectrum of sexualities. And because it was so difficult/politcally loaded to bear the children, they will definately be loved.

1182 days ago


Seriously Harvey now I know you're a ***. So I'm adding TMZ to my list of boycotted shows can you no*****ch anything on television anymore without bringing **** into your living room!

1182 days ago


I'm sorry but she is not a man she is a woman! removing your breasts and taking testosterone does not make you a man. The media needs to stop calling this woman a man.Even the first story about the "pregnant man" was bloody rubbish. It was all over the news and then we see its actually about a "woman". no matter how much she may claim to be a man the bottom line is her DNA says XY. My heart goes out to the children. do they not care about what this will do to the kids?

1182 days ago


testosterone = steroids = CHEATING!

1182 days ago


As for his transformation surgery -- Beatie says he has no plans to have a full sex-change operation ... as far as he's concerned, he's legally male ... and that's enough.
Check out the video ... he's very entertaining.

Yeah well entertaining or not, God forbid if her arse get into some "legal" trouble and have to serve some time and has to get send to a men prison. Bet he'll be screaming he's a female then. LOL then again, she had three kids and still has all her female organs, so she'll go to a female prison I suppose. But now if he's legally a man by law, she's going to a male prison. Oh I'm so confused! LOL

1182 days ago


NEWSFLASH!!! ~~~ If you have a UTERUS (operational or not) in your BODY you ain't no MAN!!! STOP SAYING PREGNANT MAN, PEOPLE, CAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING! GOOD GRIEF~

1182 days ago


This definitely comes under freak shows we can do without.

1182 days ago


sick F*%&CK

1182 days ago


Ewww. I mean, sure, to each his (or her, or both, simutaneously?) own. But still....EWWW.

1182 days ago


sick f**ck!

1182 days ago


Sorry Beatie, nothing you (or any Dr. Frankenstein) can do will make you into a man. You ought to be pissed, most men doing the 'roids would bench at least 350....

1182 days ago

Necola Grigsby    

I am sorry, but this woman still has a uterus so technically, she is still a woman. I am so sick of hearing "The pregnant man" just because she had an appendage added to her anatomy, and chooses to live as a woman does not make her a man. Her and her lover are in a lesbian relationship, whether they choose to look at it that way or not. When a man, gets surgery and is turned into a woman (involves inverting, so is more turned of a turned process)he still has to get his prostate examined, right, there is still a chance for prostate cancer, so technically he is still a he.

1182 days ago


That is a woman! I don't give a damn if the government says it is legal. I do not recall voting for that.This needs to stop! If she wants to be considered a man by people guess what Men can not have kids! I hope I do not get a transgender man in the female restroom. I love all but you weirdos need to calm it down.

1182 days ago


I don't find this news. I find it disgusting. I also don't find think he is a celebrity.

1182 days ago


You are not a man. You are a freakish, ugly woman.

1182 days ago
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