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Pregnant Man


7/27/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former woman turned transgendered pregnant man Thomas Beatie didn't get ripped overnight -- in fact, he tells TMZ, it took LOTS of hard work to drop the baby weight ... and even some hormones.

Beatie -- who has given birth to three children -- called in to TMZ Live today, telling us, he owes his chiseled bod to good old-fashioned diet and exercise ... claiming he eats high protein, low carb ... and lifts weights. (FYI -- his bench is 225)

But hormones helped too -- Beatie says he went back on testosterone 4 months ago after his last pregnancy ... and it gave him a HUGE boost in the muscle department.

As for his transformation surgery -- Beatie says he has no plans to have a full sex-change operation ... as far as he's concerned, he's legally male ... and that's enough.

Check out the video ... he's very entertaining. 


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This so-called man is actually a woman. "He" has a uterus and if my 10th grade biology is correct, a man does not have a uterus.

1163 days ago



1163 days ago


I don't understand why we keep calling this WOMEN a man? A MAN DID NOT GIVE BIRTH. A female wanting to become a MAN gave birth. She is NOT the FIRST man in history. If I start barking will that make me a dog? I don't understand? This is a FEMALE who is a lesbian who gave birth to babies through artificial insemination. That is it call it a DAY! This is not news!!!

1162 days ago


ITS a SHE A very CONFUSED Woman- but only for ever and ever till the end of time will WOMEN have the privilege of child birth...stop bowing to the PC world and calling HER a HE.
AND TMZ stick to celebrities not wierdos- no octomom- etc!

1162 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

he's still not a real man tho. he is not 'thinking' with his 'man parts' so = not a real man...hormones don't make you a 'real man'.

1162 days ago

Star Whacker    

First of all...IT's not jacked up. IT's got a flabby woman's belly - just like the woman IT is. Besides, if IT can't JO, IT's NOT a man! Stupid ass freak lezbo!

C'mon Star your stuff...PLEASE!!!

1162 days ago


This is not normal people. How did society become so jacked up to accept a woman, claiming to be a man, and then call HER a pregnant man?

1161 days ago


They’re going to refer to HER as a Him or a Man because the media has a social agenda to promote Homosexuality. Plain and simple (isn’t that right Harvey?).
The question is Mr. Journalist, if you’re going to promote this lie by reporting a known mistruth, what else are you going to lie about? I question your character and honesty.
I also bet these children are being raised with the belief that Thomas is a man and not a woman. Think of what’s going to happen to them when they find out. It’s enough to rock anyone’s foundation of truth.
There are also clinical names for someone who mutilates their bodies. What’s the difference here?

1120 days ago


Because SHE has chosen to get pregnant and reproduce and give birth - SHE can not really feel like a man.

Psychologically you have a sex change if living as the opposite sex is causing you mental harm because your brain is male and living in a female body is too painful.

Keeping and USING your reproductive organs as a woman means you are not choosing to live as a man.

More power to this person for living the way they want and looking the way they want ... but nobdody is going to tell me I have to view her as a man.

That is foolish.

And I am very gay and supportive of protections for the Transgendered - just not this mental control on others.

1119 days ago


Thank you TMZ, for showing me a woman's tatas. Yes, thank you. It's still a woman...

1103 days ago


WHAT THE ****?? Just because you cut off your tits and take testosterone doesn't make you male. Then you have a kid? That makes you a freak of nature! Men cannot have babies period! Chaz is another one, are you kidding me? FREAK FREAK FREAK

1086 days ago
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