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7/28/2011 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Paid Interview
NBC News tells TMZ ... it did not offer Casey Anthony any money for an interview with her.

An NBC rep tells us, "NBC News has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview.  No money has or will be offered, no licensing or other arrangements.  If we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards."

The rep confirms ... NBC did indeed foot the bill for Jose Baez' suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City last week.  As we reported, Baez met with famed celeb lawyer Mark Geragos last Thursday in the hotel bar, discussing negotiating strategy and talking about the "big price tag" for the interview.

And sources connected with ABC insist there was indeed a bidding war between the networks.

ABC now says it will no longer pay for photos and videos connected with interviews.


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Rogue Warrior    

Master Po: 3 hours ago

Hey crazy bitc*es why not start your "boycott" here on TMZ? I mean they wont stop reporting about her, why are you here? Shouldnt you be boycotting?

Oh wait thats right you are all FULL OF IT. They will and should pay her, she was found not guilty. No matter how much you think you know about the case guess what? You where wrong, its time for you to get back in the kitchen and stop thinking you are all nancy grace.

Here are the FACTS
* SUPER HUGE RATINGS to whomever broadcasts it. No matter how much power you think you have, you dont. Millions upon million will tune in.

* Your boycott like them all will last 2 weeks (if that) and when the media frenzy dies down everyone will go back to watching the Channel and buying the products. You hens like to hoot and holler but NEVER stick to anything.

* People want to hear her story, and no matter how much it bothers you no one wants to hear yours hers worth money and should be rewarded as such.

Now HERE'S anopther Truth Speaker! Welcome aboard!

1129 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

She won't need the money after she marries here rich austrailian business dude! So all you old bag ladies can STFU with your overly dramatic comments! You all WILL TIVO any interview she gives so you can play it over and over trying to figure out where she's lying. A bunch of road lizard speculators!

1129 days ago


If these statements by the networks are true, and they have found religion, and they truly are refusing to compensate the baby killer, it's only becuase the general public has put unrelenting pressure on them. This is their way of saving face, which is fine. The baby killer Casey is now more toxic than ever and we need to keep up the pressure on all media, their sponsors, and advertisors.

1129 days ago

Home Skillet    

THANK YOU, NBC and ABC - so far. This murderous skank doesn't deserve a penny, and neither do the slimeball pilot fish lawyers swimming alongside this BabyKiller, all the while continually stomping on Caylee's grave. GO AWAY, CASEY ANTHONY! Nobody is interested in a word out of your murdering, lying, ugly mouth.

1129 days ago


NBC knows no one wants to see her and would be loosing a lot of viewers and sponsors! Oh well. Good for NBC, they woke up!That killer doesn't deserve a dime!

1129 days ago


Please keep this liar off TV. DO not pay her for anything. Do not let her profit from killing her baby. That would be as big an outrage as the fact she got by with it. Any media outlet that pays her will suffer the backlash of many very angry people.

1129 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

I don't believe any networks or magazines who say they are not/shall not pay for Casey Anthony interviews. While I won'*****ch or read the interviews, I'll not boycott the networks because they do provide other valuable news stories. If you don't like the stories about Anthony, don'*****ch them and don't read them.

1129 days ago


Some people need to get jobs and a life!!! Get off casey's nuts it's kind of sad.

1129 days ago


NBC are trying to over their tracks now. I am still disgusted they winded and dined that s*** Baez.

I don't care if Casey PAYS them, not only will I no*****ch it, I will boycott.

1129 days ago


I can not believe you would interview a murderer.WE ALL know she did it,Now all she wants is ppl to feel sorry for her.Well what about the daughter she killed?...PLEASE I BEG YOUNOT TO INTERVIEW THIS WOMAN, WITH OR WITHOUT PAY.

1129 days ago


When you come out with a statement saying that we are going to have NO PART of ANY STORY from CASEY ANTHONY, then talk to us, right now, I don't think many of the sane people are "paying" for your story.

1129 days ago


I would have offered $50 for her..... heh. Yeah I lonely. Shut up.

1129 days ago


BUT OF PAYING CASEY ANTHONY ON THE SLY ..quit giving the baby killer .. anymmore attention.. she needs to go away... we dont care... we are boycotting... her all the way... to the bank..

1129 days ago


Dosen't matter how much the bottomfeeder networks pay. I won'*****ch any interview by Casey Anthony - or her lawyer. I'm pretty sure most of the world feels the same. Go ahead and see what America does to your advertisers!! haha - you'll feel the impact of society who do not approve of a mother who murders her child and then takes no responsiblity for it!! Sure you've heard threats before - watch and see what happens to networks/advertisers who pays Casey Anthony for anything!!!

1129 days ago


I truly am sick of looking at this baby killers ugly face. Can't you do a story without putting up her picture. I think everyone is telling a lie, a bidding war, not a bidding war, we won't pay, we didn't wine and dine Baez, yes someone paid for Baez,blah, blah, blah. I think you've all been around the professional liar and she's taught you well. Rest assured, you will lose watchers and advertisers will also lose if any network has her or her lame defense team on their shows, free or not. No one wants to hear from her or Baez or Mason or anyone, so please stop the madness.

1129 days ago
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