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7/28/2011 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Paid Interview
NBC News tells TMZ ... it did not offer Casey Anthony any money for an interview with her.

An NBC rep tells us, "NBC News has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview.  No money has or will be offered, no licensing or other arrangements.  If we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards."

The rep confirms ... NBC did indeed foot the bill for Jose Baez' suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City last week.  As we reported, Baez met with famed celeb lawyer Mark Geragos last Thursday in the hotel bar, discussing negotiating strategy and talking about the "big price tag" for the interview.

And sources connected with ABC insist there was indeed a bidding war between the networks.

ABC now says it will no longer pay for photos and videos connected with interviews.


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Steve in Ft Laud    

Good for NBC, someone there was thinking and made a good decision. I and many others will boycott the network and advertisers that give Casey or the others connected money. I hope the winning bidder knows what they are getting themselves into. Good luck.

1192 days ago


Why pay her ANY amount of money.....TO LIE?????? Even her attorneys said she is a LIAR...and she resembles a monkey. Just saying.

1192 days ago


I do not want to see or hear about ANY interview with Casey Anthony. She is a deplorable excuse for a human being and should be in jail..........NOT ON MY TELEVISION! I will actively boycott ANYONE who tries to put her on TV!

1192 days ago


To the people who keep insisting that the people who say they won'*****ch the interview will watch it anyway - FU! Maybe you will but you have no idea what others will do.

I personally don't find her or her story the least bit compelling. I have better things to do with my time than watch a pathological, alcoholic baby killer whine about how she was mistreated.

1192 days ago

CHERYL davidson    

RIGHT ON NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!

1192 days ago


For the record: I didn't say *****, but wished I had. She's exactly that.

1192 days ago


I don't believe them for a second. Once they got a whiff of the huge amount of people that were ready to boycott and protest, they backed off on the big payday. Corporations such as these have no shame whatsoever.

1192 days ago

Eddie Poirier    

Maybe the pressure is getting to NBC. NBC and it's sponsors would pay dearly, we the people do not want the murderer to make a RED CENT off the death of her daughter. Jose Baez is a rookie lawyer and isn't worthy of an analyst position. Casey Anthony is old news. Polygraph her and maybe then I will listen but if she lies, she doesn't get paid.

1192 days ago


She will be know as the Duct Tape Baby Killer till the day she dies ! Hope it's real soon.

1192 days ago


Seriously, do they think we are all stupid? Why would they put up Fatso Baez in a hotel if they had no intention of making a deal to get her? How ridiculous. I don't believe it. Watch, 3 to 4 months from now, after Casey is finished with her pretend therapy she will come on and talk about how she finished HS, show some pictures and then say she doesn't want to talk about Caylee because she is 'healing and grieving.' She is a pathological liar and is not worth the time wasted watching anything she and her family has to say. Include her lying lawyers in that equation.

1192 days ago

Master Po    

Hey crazy bitc*es why not start your "boycott" here on TMZ? I mean they wont stop reporting about her, why are you here? Shouldnt you be boycotting?

Oh wait thats right you are all FULL OF IT. They will and should pay her, she was found not guilty. No matter how much you think you know about the case guess what? You where wrong, its time for you to get back in the kitchen and stop thinking you are all nancy grace.

Here are the FACTS
* SUPER HUGE RATINGS to whomever broadcasts it. No matter how much power you think you have, you dont. Millions upon million will tune in.

* Your boycott like them all will last 2 weeks (if that) and when the media frenzy dies down everyone will go back to watching the Channel and buying the products. You hens like to hoot and holler but NEVER stick to anything.

* People want to hear her story, and no matter how much it bothers you no one wants to hear yours hers worth money and should be rewarded as such.

1192 days ago


They can pay me a mere $5,000.00 and I'll give an interview in front of a TV camera and lie to the world about how Caylee really died. The networks would save a ton of money from paying Casey the sum she is asking for and yet get the same results!

1192 days ago


I really hope she doesn't mae money from murdering her daughter. It will send a terrible message to all the mothers who are struggling with children. Kill your kids in The United States and become rich and famous. Sick american dream...

1192 days ago


Well if was in jall for almost tree years and got out, I think it would be the first thing i'll drink to!

1192 days ago


if she wanted to tell her side of the story, why didnt she testify in court? clearly she's full of ****. lies after lies.

1192 days ago
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