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Paris, Nicky, & Lindsay


and It Feels So 2007

7/29/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Like Hollywood's version of the Camp David Accords, Paris and Nicky Hilton reunited with their old long lost pal Lindsay Lohan at a restaurant in the Palisades last night.

It appears Paris and Linds are super serious about rekindling their friendship -- they also partied together last weekend at Hilton's Malibu beach pad.

But this time, they made sure everyone could SEE the reunion ... and HUGGED IT OUT at the end of the night -- right in front of the cameras.  

UPDATE: We're told the reunion wasn't planned -- the two just happened to bump into each other while going to dinner with different people.




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O-C Guy    

Hopefully, Paris & Nicki had the same amount jewelry when they met Lindsay as when they left her.

1182 days ago

Good riddance!    

I hear there is a big party being planned. Bratney Spears, Parisite, and Blohan, The 3 Whores of the Apocalypse, will reunite on Dec. 12th 2012! The combined va**** of vapidity will create a vortex where matter and even gravity will eventually collapse up itself, forming a supermassive black hole, destroying the known universe.

1182 days ago


For someone who doesn't drink, Lindsay always looks buzzed!

1182 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Lol this is going to end well... for the paps and the media.

1182 days ago

help this young woman    

Someone just told Linds that Casey Anthony makes more than she does, and she's piiisssssed. She just lit a fire in the saran-wrapping room and pushed AA Ali off the balcony. Maybe if I tell her that Casey is more famous than her, she'll torch the whole place and I can get the fvck outta here and apply for FEMA benefits.

**The preceding comment subject to TMZ-brand censorship**

1182 days ago

Chun LI    

Lohan's probably trying to hit them up for cash.

1182 days ago


Cannot wait for a good CAT FIGHT!! there will be hair extensions laying everywhere!!! "MEOW"!!!!

1182 days ago

Seriously??? the jokes of Hollywood keep walking. Does anyone really care about Lindsay Lohan and Pari******on to this day.

1182 days ago


Hey I am not a breast man but Lilo is rocking those naturals well and as far as I'm concerned a red landing strip is hot.

1182 days ago

john smith    

Princess Lindsay and Princess Paris, wow I received fifteen dislikes for this comment. I think that puts me in first place....You guys dislike me, you really dislike me!

1182 days ago


Are you sure this isn't just a random bump in to kind of meet up? There were no photos of Paris with LL at Paris's Malibu place. Can you only imgaing Nicky H. tolerating a night out with Lindsay and the photos that come to mind is Paris and Brandon D. laughing their tails off when Brandon screamed "Fire crotch" that night. This BFF re-hook up just seems too nuts to believe. When Paris tweets that she hangs out with Lindsay again then okay, drop it, but this just seems like all the Lindsay is back with Samantha stories that just didn't come to fruition. Paris said on her show she doesn't want that type of people around her like porn writers and why on any level would she have any use for being in the press with Lindsay? Nothing in it for Paris, so whoever is coming up with this nonsense will have to think of something else.

1182 days ago


Good stuff. All three are cute together. I remember viewing a paparazzi video when the 3 were out together the last time some years ago how controlling Paris was with Lindsay. she kept bossing her around. I figured that's why Lindsay stayed away from Paris until now.

1182 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Funny how TMZ is the only one showing a hug. Also, it looks like LL was hugging Paris and Paris was kind of put off. With all the paps there she couldnt just shove her off. I agree with alot of the posters. Paris is NOT hanging with lieho again.

Bet Paris went home and scrubed herself with industrial bleach!

1182 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

She is loosing all the attention so who better to hang out with that Paris. Ugh she makes me sick....

1182 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Yep, on all the sites, only this one picture of them together outside the restaurant as both parties were leaving. Still looks like lieho LAUNCHED herself on Paris for a photo op. Or maybe she was wasted and starting to believe her own lies that the are BFF's again.

1182 days ago
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