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Halle Berry

Obsessed Fan Hit with

3-Year Restraining Order

8/1/2011 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of stalking Halle Berry has been ordered by an L.A. judge to stay away from the actress AND her daughter Nahla for 3 years.

The obsessed fan -- Richard A. Franco -- was arrested on July 11 and charged with felony stalking and burglary after allegedly scaling a wall and attempting to enter a guest house at Halle's L.A. home.

If convicted, the judge could extend the restraining order against Franco to as much as 10 years.

Franco has pled not guilty to both charges.


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Chef Jack Tripper    

Rememeber when Halle his that kid with her SUV and drove away? Karma is a bitch.

1180 days ago


How is that punishment? Being able to see Halle Berry close-up; now that is punishment.

1180 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Typo Correction: Rememeber when Halle hit that kid with her SUV and drove away? Karma is a bitch.

One typo changes my whole statement.

1180 days ago


So. That won't help. Laws only work on the sane.

1180 days ago


Got the facts and missed the story. Halle's attorneys aren't gelling her about GPS with Victim Notification, so Halle would know ahead of time - and in time enough to leave should the guy come around again.

So the question is why aren't these guys telling their clients they could save their own lives?

1180 days ago


You couldn't find a better picture?

1180 days ago


In a case like this, Halle should have received a gps enabled restraining order. This way, regardless of her location like her residence, a shoot, etc. she could be safer than holding a piece of paper that simply states he has to stay away. A gps enabled restraining order could alarm her if he even get close to her location. It's time to get with technology and save some lives and provide peace of mind to the victims. Learn about it and ask attorneys to request this type of solution:

1180 days ago


Those things are about as useful as t*ts on a lesbian. I've never seen a restraining order that was capable of stopping a knife or bullet.

1180 days ago


I don't get it! That idiot scaled a wall and was caught on the spot and - probably - tried to enter a guest house. Why has he pled not guilty to both charges? I mean, he was caught after scaling the wall so he cannot say he is not guilty of scaling a wall.
Just like that jackass who killed his parents, hid their bodies, threw a party and also says he's not guilty.

1180 days ago


What has Halle done ```````` career wise to get all this attention TMZ is giving her? Every other week it's something or another with her.

1180 days ago

Shady's Lady    

I'm telling you guys old Hit And Skippy looks more and more like President Obama everyday! I wonder if they are related.

1179 days ago

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